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Birthday Month Book Blog Tour

Since it's my birthday next month, and since I'm releasing my book Nemesis on my birthday, I thought I'd make the blog tour last the entire month of June . . . if I can find enough people to host me. That is essentially what this post is about. It's a call to all of my friends,… Continue reading Birthday Month Book Blog Tour

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Yes, It’s Friday

And I don't have a recipe for you. I'm sorry. My life has been in upheaval lately and I haven't been cooking a lot. Not to mention the flood in my apartment the other day. I think Harold Camping's prediction was just a few days too early because between the tornadoes ravaging the Mid-West and… Continue reading Yes, It’s Friday

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So, Here’s the Deal . . .

I've been editing Nemesis like crazy . . . okay, that might not be true because I've been dealing with mammograms, ultrasounds (both came back fine), CT scans of my head (no, it is NOT empty, just as y'all believed), and the new development of migraines because I've had one for the past two weeks. Seriously?… Continue reading So, Here’s the Deal . . .

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Cooking Tips #6

  Ever have your tomato sauce taste "tinny" or have that metallic taste to it? Yeah, we so understand. This is what happens when you cook tomato-based sauces in aluminum or any reactive metal pan/pot. Sometimes, even copper will have this effect. To fix that taste, however, add a dash or two of Balsamic vinegar. Other than… Continue reading Cooking Tips #6

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ZSC Contest – A Zombie to Call Your Own

The Zombie Survival Crew has a most awesome contest up right now, which you may have seen me post on Facebook or Twitter. Now I'm posting here. Please spread the word on this. It is a great prize - a $285 collectible figure by Sideshow Collectibles! Thanks!

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Enchiladas Revisited

In honor of Umi's birthday today, I'm re-sharing the recipe for my chicken & cheese enchiladas because it's Umi's favorite dish. Although, rather than making that for her birthday dinner tonight, she's requested the Applebottom Pork Chops. Watch out, my dear enchiladas, you may have been replaced! Furthermore, yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, so this… Continue reading Enchiladas Revisited

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Conversations with Umi

If you follow me on Twitter and have for some time, you'll know that I've tweeted things my mother says from time to time. I used the hashtag #umisaid for a long time before finally creating this Twitter account - @umi_g_. Shh, while Umi knows I tweet the shit she says (which hasn't been much… Continue reading Conversations with Umi