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So I’m Allergic to the ENTIRE World

...and I don't even know where to begin with this. So if you're my friend on Facebook, you might have noticed my recent news and are aware of the hives I've suffered for nine weeks running now. In short, I'm allergic to...uh...the entire world. Not really, but it sure as fuck feels like it after the… Continue reading So I’m Allergic to the ENTIRE World

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Sweet and Sour Chicken (Modified)

Today, one of my bestest friends, Deni, has decided to share this recipe she tried out on her man the other night with great success. It was also Deni's birthday yesterday, the 13th, so we're wishing her a very happy birthday! With cake! Now, Deni hates Chinese food, so J never gets Chinese food, but… Continue reading Sweet and Sour Chicken (Modified)

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Enchiladas Revisited

In honor of Umi's birthday today, I'm re-sharing the recipe for my chicken & cheese enchiladas because it's Umi's favorite dish. Although, rather than making that for her birthday dinner tonight, she's requested the Applebottom Pork Chops. Watch out, my dear enchiladas, you may have been replaced! Furthermore, yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, so this… Continue reading Enchiladas Revisited