Catch Up

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Wow, I haven’t posted in 10 days! Busy… damn. Tired, too. Let’s see if I can string together my sentences so it all makes sense. =p

I’ve been editing Wolf’s Bane: Moon Cycles (synopsis in previous post) for a friend so she can beta read it before I decide to query the hell out of it. She’ll give me an honest opinion and take her red teacher pen to it, too. Coolness. I trust her opinion implicitly, regardless of genre. She’s the one who told me about the Lemony Snicket books when only the first one was out. I used to work at a junior high school. Dare I say, I have the entire collection. hehehe I have shelves full of YA books at home. I’ve just started a new one: The Black Tattoo. It’s not bad so far, though I haven’t gotten too far into it yet. Leisure reading is rare for me. I read it while getting a pedicure on Sunday. =D And haven’t touched it since. haha Maybe someday I’ll write a YA novel. I think I have one started.

I’m still working on the 15-pg. thesis for my criticism class. My professor is gone for a month and can’t grade it until he returns, so I get more time. Sweet. Edgar Allan Poe deserves more time, in my opinion. The two stories I’m using are The Cask of Amontillado and The Tell-Tale Heart. Both of them are wonderful stories.

The sun, or rather the heat, drained me yesterday at a friend’s BBQ; however, I couldn’t stop working on my WIP last night once we returned home, and I got about five hours of sleep. Why in God’s name am I still up??? I’m nocturnal. I can’t help it. But hey, I drank about 2.3 liters of water! When it cools down, my husband and I are going to join this BBQ group on a pub crawl with our beach cruisers. Hey, I’m game if Guinness is involved! Here’s a picture of my Betty:

Cool, huh? Yes, those are white flames pinstriped with PINK! The tread on the tires are flame as well. That’s my husband’s GIANT toolbox in the background. We won’t get into the discussion of why it’s so big…

My foster daughter, henceforth MizStar, returned home today and begged for the return of her DVD player. Nope. Not gonna happen. I’m mean like that. Pass everything and nothing will be taken away. You can’t have everything you want if you’re not going to put forth the effort, in my opinion. She’s grounded all summer, except for when she visits her dad. She received a nasty sunburn last weekend from tubing down the Salt River with him. Oh, it was bad. I felt bad for her. Poor thing. Her ankles look terrible right now. She fainted in the shower a few days after the tubing trip, due to her lack of drinking enough water… oh, and not eating. *shakes head* Teenagers. What can you do when they won’t listen? She ended up missing the last week of summer school and now must finish it during the second session. This is yet another example of a teacher going above and beyond for her. I suppose it’s a good thing she’s so likable, otherwise I don’t think she’d make it in school. If she had the discipline, I’d homeschool her, but that’s not gonna happen. She procrastinates to no end. I’m surprised she hasn’t been held back yet. Oh wait, they don’t do that anymore. That would give the child low self-esteem.

One last thing before I head back to my WIP: MONGOL, the film, you MUST watch it! It is a fascinating tale of Genghis Khan.


Wolf’s Bane: Moon Cycles Synopsis

Photo © 2006 Jinxie G

A petroglyph found.

Nadira, once an archaeologist, is a lost soul, still grieving for her fiancé, a victim of murder. She stumbles upon a werewolf clan, and discovers she is destined to become Al-Fadi, the slayer who has kept the packs low in number throughout the centuries. Nadira quickly realizes that life is not what it seems, and that the disease traveling through her blood may link her to the clans, something Caleb the werewolf would not mind at all.

A battle has ended.

Raised by a foster family, never knowing her true heritage, Nadira enters the world of a prominent werewolf clan, and begins a journey of self-discovery. She learns who really killed her fiancé, and why these beings—neither fully man nor fully wolf—are able to track her no matter where she goes. Faced with choices, each with the possibility of condemning her to death, Nadira finds her destiny with the Lycian pack in Phoenix, Arizona. The Alpha male wants to see her dead—and his brother Caleb just wants her, period.

A standoff remains.

Armed with an ancient sword, a load of heartache, and the determination not to be bullied by the lethal, irrational Alpha leader, Nadira is on a mission, and the gods help whomever gets in her way.

Birthdays and Blogging

All right, I thought I’d be OK with the whole not going out to dinner for my birthday thing, or even not going out period, but it has apparently affected me on some level because I became crabby about two hours ago and now I have another headache (I’ve been getting headaches every day for over a week now). Maybe I need to eat. No, wait, I just ate a piece of the cake my mom baked for me. Red Velvet–my fav right now. =) It’s probably just allergies, but my friend Siobhan put up a blog about migraines that has me thinking… hmm. I should go see my doctor… Which brings us to another problem–no insurance. The company I work for has yet to establish a health insurance package, and the company I previously worked for is under the assumption that they get to decide who gets COBRA and who doesn’t. Morons. The problem there is that once I get the COBRA established, I’ll have to pay all the back months, which equals 3, plus the current month, at $190.80 each. That’s ridiculous! And just to give you an example of how distracted I am right now, I just lit another cigarette while one sits in my ashtray… lit and smoking. Ah! I’m losing my mind. And I know, I shouldn’t smoke. I have a blog up somewhere, everywhere about it. Back to insurance… I need to have insurance of some kind. I have Lupus, and I have about a month’s supply of medication left with no way to get more without paying a nice chunk of change to my doctor AND the pharmacist.

So, maybe it is allergies because the headache is leaving now after I took some more allergy meds. *sigh*

Sorry, I’m bored and apparently feel like ranting, although this isn’t a true rant for me. Writer’s Cafe and Myspace friends can attest to that. =)

Back to my WIP for a while…

Fortunes, Part 3

Fortunes from the Golden Buddha, located in the Chinese Cultural Center in Phoenix, Wednesday, June 11th.

Fortune #1: Courtesy is the password to safety.

Fortune #2: Determination is the wake-up call to the human will.

Ok, first, you cannot add “in bed” on the end of the Golden Buddha’s fortunes like you can with Panda Express fortunes. It just doesn’t seem to work. Bummer. But I did learn some Chinese: pe che haou (good temper… ahem… not me [kidding]), and jian lai (in the future). Like either of those are going to help me jian lai. =p

Oh, it’s 12:09am… Happy Birthday to me! WOOT!

Ahem… right… back to the blog.

Today, I took three girls to see The Chronicles of Narnia exhibit at the AZ Science Center. I think I enjoyed it more than they did, since I took my time to look at everything and found them all waiting for me at the end, sitting on the floor. It was amazing. The display items were pieces from the films. There were bits of documentary all through the exhibit, and of course, a little store at the end where you could purchase anything from books to action figures to miniature models of the castle in “Prince Caspian”. No, I didn’t buy anything. I was working.

And my husband just called me to sing “Happy Birthday” to me. Well, he has a slightly different version of the song, involving various animals. There’s a hippo, some birdies, and a couple of ewes in the mix. He’s working overnights until Monday. He’s also a Life Skills Mentor.

Well… I can’t think at this point. I’ve just completed a full week’s worth of hours in two days from working an overnight case and I think I got about 4 hours of sleep last night. I’m amazed I got this far. No more fortunes for a while. I think I’m Chinesed out.

It’s Friday the 13th. I was born on this day 39 years ago. Now you know how I got my name. =D No, it’s not because I like the movies. I actually don’t care for them all that much. Go ahead, tell Jason… I’ve got swords… and a mean little white Argentinean Mastiff! HA! Ok, he’s curled up in a ball next to me right now while Moon the not-so-mute Malamute slumbers in the jungle of my backyard.

And now I really am babbling… Goodnight.

Fortunes, Part 2 (because I can’t remember how to spell 2 in French)

I forgot to bring home the fortune today. Damn, it was a good one, too.

Today–one teenage boy and two teenage girls.

Ok, so today’s life skill (hehe) was teaching the kids how to journal, why it is important, how do they feel after journaling, etc. We also went and watched Kung Fu Panda, which is hilarious! No, that wasn’t a life skill, but the respite part of my job. I can’t overload them with life skills all day. They’d kill me! Besides, my partner and I discuss all sorts of things with them that involve life skills anyway, so they got a pretty good dose today.

The boy wanted to spend the rest of his birthday money buying another video game, and of course, I bought another video game. I told him he was a bad influence on me. He just laughed at me. I see at least four hours of gaming in my near future. It might take a few days, but I’ll get there. Just like I did last Saturday. =)

I also did a test strip of purple dye on my hair tonight. My hair is too dark. Damn it. My foster daughter also did hers, but she failed to show me the result before she hibernated for the night in her bedroom. Guess I’ll see it tomorrow. Her hair is lighter than mine.

Tomorrow–five teenage girls. Oh man.


Today’s Panda Express fortune cookie: Plan to have some fun.

What, writing isn’t fun? Damn, and here I am on a Friday night sitting at my laptop while my husband is bowling (not my idea of fun, as it will throw my back out). I don’t know, I rather think that reading agent blogs is fun/entertaining. Especially Nathan Bransford’s blog. That guy is damn funny!

I have my fun every now and then. My cousin was in town last weekend and I enjoyed a couple of Guinness at the new Irish pub down the street. D’Arcy McGees… I’m diggin’ it.

My job is also fun. How many people can say that? I get paid to have fun with teens: going to the movies, taking trips to the ruins around my state (Montezuma Well and Tuzigoot are awesome! And Tuzigoot is just plain fun to say), playing video games, painting ceramics. It’s not all fun and games, as we teach them life skills as well, but even that can be fun. It has to be to keep their attention. I really enjoy my job and the wonderful connections I’ve made with some of the kids. They are great kids!

Ok, back to my fun of writing. I really need to finish up Wolf’s Bane: Moon Cycles so I can query the damn thing. Here’s hoping it’s what someone is looking for. The synopsis is on my website under “Projects” if you feel like taking a peek. =)

Of course, you’re supposed to throw “in bed” on the end of the fortune. LMAO! Hmm… I wonder what time my husband will be home? =p