Mother/Daughter Event

Unfortunately, it was not spent with my own mother, this day before Mother's Day, which is now as I type this lovely little blog. I'll have to set my mom's card out so she sees it in the morning. Yes, she lives with me, much to the dismay of my husband, but she's ill and… Continue reading Mother/Daughter Event


What A Writer Should NEVER Do!

I ran across something recently that 1) has me giggling in silent rapture, and 2) has me thanking the author of this aptly-called Form Hate Mail (I'm giggling at the title, too), on Colleen Lindsay's blog "The Swivet," for leaving an opening somewhere in the query world for the rest of us. What can I… Continue reading What A Writer Should NEVER Do!


Random Thoughts

Don't ask...Unstable:When the intelligent part of your mind, the one that keeps you plugging through life and positive and moving in the right direction, gets beat the hell up consistently by the psychotic part of your mind.Damn bullies.