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Spam Comment – 28 May 2012

Well, it seems the spammers have changed their tactics a bit. Now they write the posts to make them look as though they're answering someone else's comment. I'm amused. I got three of those this week. It also seems as though they may be skimming the posts for an idea on content now, making it… Continue reading Spam Comment – 28 May 2012

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Turn the Page . . .

We're now in the next chapter of this part of my life, not the song, even though that song is going through my mind because of the title. LOL At any rate, moving along . . . Some of you may have noticed I haven't mentioned someone lately. I'm apparently single again. I say "apparently" because… Continue reading Turn the Page . . .

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Spam Comment of the Week – 21 May 2012

Forgive me, my minions. I apologize for not posting last week. I didn't post last week, right? *rubs forehead* Sorry, I'm not feeling well... At any rate, this week's spam comment comes from Barbara Pelcher on none other than one of the Spam Comment of the Week posts: You made some first rate factors there. I… Continue reading Spam Comment of the Week – 21 May 2012

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I stand Before two doors Looking back Upon the path I’ve tread I see it’s worn through the years Full of potholes and cracks Heartache and pain But where the road shines It's filled with happy times Looking forward These two paths before me A decision to be made One leads to Dreams The other… Continue reading Crossroads

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  Within words Within gestures Within expressions It says nothing ... Without words Without gestures Without expressions It says everything ... Between the lines All silence portrays Words left unsaid ... A picture An action A reaction ... Hidden beneath Unruly waters Into the deep abyss ... Unspoken Unbidden Forbidden ... Silence is a beacon… Continue reading Silence

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Spam Comment of the Week – 7 May 2012

Alright, kiddies...I mean, minions...I chose this week's comment based on name alone because it made me giggle. And I'm giggling just thinking about that, so let's move forward, shall we? This week's spam comment on my poem Bittersweet comes from Johnsie Nogosek. It's the first name that has me giggling: Do any of your visitors have… Continue reading Spam Comment of the Week – 7 May 2012

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A Movie Review – The Raven

Leave it to John Cusack to make Edgar Allan Poe funny. That's not to say that The Raven is a funny movie. On the contrary, it is a story of horror and death, and even about love. It's not getting the best reviews, although not horrible, but I thought it was a pretty damn good… Continue reading A Movie Review – The Raven