Spam Comment – 28 May 2012

Well, it seems the spammers have changed their tactics a bit. Now they write the posts to make them look as though they’re answering someone else’s comment. I’m amused. I got three of those this week. It also seems as though they may be skimming the posts for an idea on content now, making it a bit harder to determine if they’re spam. Thank God for Akismet!

This week’s spam comment comes from Homepage (yeah, real original there) on the post Beyond Hell:

I recognize there exists a lot of spam on this weblog. Do you want support cleansing them up? I could support amongst courses!

That’s right, Homepage, I left off the numbers you included in your comment in case they’re traceable somehow, but let’s address your comment. First, you can’t possibly have seen any spam on my blog because it gets filtered and deleted. While I appreciate your offer, there’s this cool app called Akismet that my site’s host employs. Akismet’s job is to filter spam comments, such as yours. Obviously, since I found your comment under the “spam” tab in my dashboard, Akismet is doing its job just fabulously. Therefore, I don’t need “support cleansing them up,” and I certainly don’t need to take a course to learn how to get rid of spam.

Do people seriously fall for this shit? Wow.


Turn the Page . . .

We’re now in the next chapter of this part of my life, not the song, even though that song is going through my mind because of the title. LOL

At any rate, moving along . . .

Some of you may have noticed I haven’t mentioned someone lately. I’m apparently single again. I say “apparently” because we literally haven’t spoken to one another in a week and a half. I’m not sure why, but I’ve decided that I’m never dating a Virgo again because this happened the last time I dated one, though I *am* still friends with that one going on 12 years now. Hey, if you don’t text/call/message/whatever without me having to start the damn conversation, I know you’re not interested anymore. Pretty fucking simple. And if you are still interested, then you’re an idiot to think I’d stick around after no communication. And that’s all I’m saying.

In other news about my life . . .

On May 11th, which happens to be one of my twins’ birthdays (yes, I have several twins), I packed up my jewelry and drove to downtown Mesa for the 2nd Friday Night Out. It was steampunk themed, and of course, I had NOTHING steampunk to wear, but whatever. I set up my table . . . . and didn’t sell a damn thing. It’s okay, though, because it didn’t cost me anything but my time and the gas to get there.

On June 8th (*ahem* that’s the weekend before MY BIRTHDAY, by the way, which is on the 13th), the event is Books on the Beach night aka Indie Publishing Festival, so my cousin Skywise and I have been working to get print copies of my book Nemesis and all the promo items we can done in time. I should get the proof/galley in a couple of days. I’m excited to see the first print copy of my book! Yes, I will tweet a picture.

If you can, visit me in downtown Mesa on June 8th. I’d love to see ya!

*turns page*

Today I have an interview at 2:00 at one of the local colleges. Pray I do well and get this job. I could really use it! Especially since I have INSOMNIA again. Great timing. *growls*

So, for future pages . . .

I’m still taking care of me, going to my physical therapy, trying to work out regardless of the pain, and just attempting to do *something* with all this shit so I can make something of my life. I’m focused, people, believe it or not. I see where I can be in the next year. I have the ZSC, ghostwriting, RIP, my book reviews, and my Etsy shop going at once. Five projects is a lot, I know, but they all ground me and keep me well-rounded. Don’t you think?

By the way, for you writers out there, I offer my editing services for a decent price. Email me: jinxieg13 (at) gmail (dot) com. I’m also pretty good at book covers.

I know it’s only getting better every day I wake up and have a goal set. Cheers, bitches! I know what I want in life. Do you?

“Yeah, and here I am,
On the road again,
There I am, up on that stage
Here I go, playin’ star again,
There I go, turn the page
And there I go, turn that page”

Now, if I could just replace my laptop before this one dies . . . or before I beat it into oblivion. *sigh* You have no idea what I go through every day with this thing. I’m serious. No, I will not take video because I really don’t need proof out there of exactly how insane I am.

Have an AWESOME day and make it worthwhile!


Spam Comment of the Week – 21 May 2012

Forgive me, my minions. I apologize for not posting last week. I didn’t post last week, right? *rubs forehead* Sorry, I’m not feeling well…

At any rate, this week’s spam comment comes from Barbara Pelcher on none other than one of the Spam Comment of the Week posts:

You made some first rate factors there. I hunted on the internet for the difficulty and located most people will associate with along with your website.

*blinks* Wow, Barbara, I’m not sure I even understood that. Anyone care to decipher this for me?


I stand
Before two doors
Looking back
Upon the path I’ve tread

I see it’s worn through the years
Full of potholes and cracks
Heartache and pain
But where the road shines
It’s filled with happy times

Looking forward
These two paths before me
A decision to be made
One leads to Dreams
The other leads to Reality

The Devil whispers
In my ear
Making promises
He’ll never keep
For things I want

But there’s a price

Reality tugs at my sleeve
As I reach for my Dreams
Holding me at a stalemate
At the Crossroads
Of Time

I shrug off
And step through that other door
Where fantasy becomes Reality
As my Dreams come to life

I look back
And tell the Devil:
“You were wrong”


© 2012 NL “Jinxie” Gervasio



Within words

Within gestures

Within expressions

It says nothing

Without words

Without gestures

Without expressions

It says everything

Between the lines

All silence portrays

Words left unsaid

A picture

An action

A reaction

Hidden beneath

Unruly waters

Into the deep abyss




Silence is a beacon

Shedding its light

Onto the path of truth

But you mistake silence

For weakness

For falsehoods

For untrustworthiness

And with your mistake

You sink

Into oblivion

© 2011 NL Gervasio

Spam Comment of the Week – 7 May 2012

Alright, kiddies…I mean, minions…I chose this week’s comment based on name alone because it made me giggle. And I’m giggling just thinking about that, so let’s move forward, shall we?

This week’s spam comment on my poem Bittersweet comes from Johnsie Nogosek. It’s the first name that has me giggling:

Do any of your visitors have browser compatibility issues? I tried browsing the website page with Opera and that is okay but being a Safari user, I like it could have the same appear and feel? I actually really don’t fully understand if this is something from my side or maybe someone might fix something from your side. As a result in the mean time I should make sure to visit your web-site using Firefox or similar, which isn’t my preferred browser. Apologies if I am appearing fussy and believe I am not the only person with this difficulty. Thanks a ton.

Well, Johnsie, I’ve not had anyone else complain about viewing the site and haven’t tried Opera myself, so I wouldn’t know. Personally, I think Safari sucks and prefer Firefox or Chrome, and since Firefox and my operating system don’t agree with one another, I use . . . yep, you guessed it, Chrome. If you’re having issues, a blog author is really the last person to ask about it, seeing as how I have no fucking clue as to which OS you’re using, or what type of computer, not to mention that I don’t work for WordPress, my blog’s host. Rather than “appearing fussy” about it, perhaps instead of telling me you’ll visit using “Firefox or similar” in the future, you just actually try using Firefox or similar?

But I thank you for the blog fodder, Johnsie. I’m certain my fans will enjoy your techie blunders.

Dearest Minions, are any of you having technical difficulties when viewing my website? Please let me know if there’s something I need to adjust on my end.

A Movie Review – The Raven

Leave it to John Cusack to make Edgar Allan Poe funny.

That’s not to say that The Raven is a funny movie. On the contrary, it is a story of horror and death, and even about love. It’s not getting the best reviews, although not horrible, but I thought it was a pretty damn good movie. No one knows what happened to Edgar Allan Poe in his final days, as stated at the beginning of the film, and the screenplay writers Ben Livingston and Hannah Shakespeare (*giggles* LOVE her last name!) took liberties with those final few days and turned them into a compelling horrific tale. Kudos go to the director James McTeigue as well, for it is the director’s vision we’re watching when we see a movie. I’d also like to state how fucking refreshing it is to watch something that ISN’T a REMAKE!!!

When I say that Cusack makes Poe funny, I mean that there were a few areas in the film where his line(s) were hilarious. However, at one point in particular, about halfway through the movie, I found the dialogue outright hysterical and was apparently the only one in the giant Cine Capri theater. Go figure. It’s like Neo taking the cookie from the Oracle. Hardly anyone “gets” it. *shakes head and rolls eyes* I’m not certain Poe himself would have been pleased with the film, but as a fan of the writer, I certainly was. And I’ll tell you why…

The movie was dark both in its content and cinematography, graphic in its detail (especially with its The Pit and the Pendulum scene), and as a true mystery and suspense film, it keeps you guessing as to who the killer is. Of course, with most of Poe’s stories, we are told right away who the threat is. The stories are meant for us to witness the madness behind the threat. They are a study of insanity, which is fitting because Poe studied psychology in order to get into your psyche and scare you from within your own mind. I did an in-depth study of two of Poe’s stories used in this film for a criticism class, which means I picked them apart eight ways from Sunday. This is likely the reason I was the only one laughing in the theater at that half-ish-way point.

At any rate, I’m very glad Cusack took this role, portraying one of my favorite writers. He did quite well. Usually, I say that I’ll watch just about anything with John Cusack in it *ahem 2012*, but the only movie I haven’t seen of his is Hot Tub Time Machine…and no, I’m not going to watch it.

I give The Raven 0 Jinxes. That’s good, people. My system works backwards from stars. That means go see it in the theater if you can. I’m serious. If you’re a Poe fan, go watch it. You’ll enjoy it.


The macabre and lurid tales of Edgar Allan Poe are vividly brought to life – and death – in this stylish, gothic thriller starring John Cusack as the infamous author. When a madman begins committing horrific murders inspired by Poe’s darkest works, a young Baltimore detective (Luke Evans) joins forces with Poe in a quest to get inside the killer’s mind in order to stop him from making every one of Poe’s brutal stories a blood chilling reality. A deadly game of cat and mouse ensues, which escalates when Poe’s love (Alice Eve) becomes the next target. Intrepid Pictures’ The Raven also stars Brendan Gleeson and Oliver Jackson-Cohen. — (C) Relativity

R, 1 hr. 50 min.

Mystery & Suspense

Directed By: James McTeigue

Written By: Ben LivingstonHannah Shakespeare

In Theaters: Apr 27, 2012 Wide

Box Office:$7.3M

Relativity Media

And if I could remember the goddamn lines that made me laugh, I’d tell you, and I can’t find the dialogue. Then again, I didn’t search that hard. =)