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I know, it's taken forever for me to get this one up. I've been extremely busy with three different projects and on top of that, I'm about to move again. There will be some big announcements coming up soon, but nothing to do with cooking, so we'll just leave that be for now. =) Today, I… Continue reading Lasagna

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My (own version of my) Weekend in ABQ

As most of you know, the weekend before last—the 14th through the 17th—I attended the Albuquerque Comicon. My first ever Comicon, mind you. Upon my return, and after a few days of rest, I was able to post THIS on the ZSC website. Of course, I had insomnia the night before so at the time… Continue reading My (own version of my) Weekend in ABQ

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Loss – Lisa Sabine

I was going to vlog this because I thought perhaps filming it would be easier than writing about it, but I suck at video editing and there isn't enough light around this place to get it right, so . . . I logged out of my Jinxie Facebook today and into my "other" account to… Continue reading Loss – Lisa Sabine