Night of the Living Dead at Tranz

It’s Night of the Living Dead at Tranzylvania tonight, and I’m going to give this place another shot. I do hope I will not be disappointed this time. Seeing as how it’s Halloween, I don’t see how I would be.
Full report tomorrow.

Writing the Dreaded Sex Scene

I am so getting spammed for that title, on here and Twitter, but whatever. This topic needs covered. It’s not like the Britney bots aren’t hitting me constantly anyway.

I’ve been reading a lot of sex books lately, and I’m not talking about the kind written by the likes of Dr. Ruth. Let’s just call them what they are, folks. From First Date by Lynne Roberts (also got a sneak peek at her third title) to Accustomed to His Fangs by December Quinn (of which I am still reading–yes, there will be reviews on my review blog because I have two more of her books to read), to the new hawt writings of a writer friend who shall remain nameless at this time, and let us not forget those big hot sexy warrior vampires belonging to JR Ward in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series … When can a girl get a break here? Shower heads and B.O.B.s can only do so much, people. *sigh*

It’s not unknown that I’ve dreaded writing the detailed sex scene over the years. Until recently, I’ve just avoided it as much as possible. I even went so far as to write an entire novel without a sex scene in it, mostly to see if I could. The sexual tension is great, but I succeeded in not adding that shit. Whether the novel works without it or not, we’ll have to wait for the next edit to discover this since my eyes have been opened. Then a friend told me I needed to add more detail to one or two of the scenes in Nemesis and I was like, “oh crap, here we go.” Regardless of the fact that those scenes in Nemesis do not contain the words cock or clit or shaft or pussy, I think I did fairly well, but that’s me. That book wasn’t about writing an erotica story. It was about finding that right person finally and falling in love. Tender moments there, folks. Don’t trivialize the striptease with the pole!

My point is this, I’ve taken to giving this a try over the past few days/weeks because hey, sex sells … Duh! I’m kidding, but not really. Sex does sell. I’m writing it to get past some boundaries, like the ones Stacia Kane talks about on her blog here. I’ll be writing it under a different name. Some of you already know that name. Shh. When I’m ready to show you what I’ve got (outside of what you may have already read), I’ll post some shorts on a different blog and the link on Twitter.

Until then, let’s hope I can get some decent sleep before November and NaNoWriMo begins because THAT will be a YA book!

Writing, Writing, and More Writing!

Okay, my dear Twitterati, here’s the deal – I’ve been slacking on a lot of things lately (writing, editing, cleaning my freakin’ house, etc.) and I needed a good swift kick in the ass. Well, I pretty much got one recently, which is a good thing, and I’m certain more are to come, but first, we’ll start with the writing/editing. My house will come later when I have a moment of OCD.

So here’s the plan: write 1,000 words per day (at least) or edit 10 pages per day, and keep each other motivated. There is no word count goal. Just write or edit. There are several hashtags on Twitter already – #amwriting, #wordathon (that’s run by @jimsissy), #writegoal, #wordcount, #writeathon, #nanowrimo (important next month – November), #write… and I’m certain you can find more.

Pia gave me one for this: #Jinxiespublishingquest – but it’s too long, though I absolutely love it! HC gave me one, too: #1kordie – LOL. Since it’s shorter and made me laugh, we’ll go with #1kordie. I also use #amwriting and #lunaticwriters (started by @cjredwine, I think).

This all begins on October 18th. That’s next Sunday. Why? Because my class ends on Saturday and I’m in the midst of writing a HUGE paper. This is like my final paper for the school and my degree. It’s on Creationism vs. Evolution. Yeah, I need to get working on that.

So start preparing for it. It’ll get you geared up for NaNoWriMo next month, too!

Who’s in?

Top 10 Reasons Showerheads Are Better Than Men

There’s a crack about showerheads in one of my novels—Nemesis—and a while back on Twitter, my dear friend Clive, knowing this, ran with the hashtag #jinxiessecretdiary… or #jinxiessecretdiaries—can’t remember which and it’s not searchable right now. I decided a blog post was necessary because… why in the hell not?
The top 10 reasons why showerheads are better than men:
10)       Won’t spend all of your money, except for that water bill because, well, you know.
9)         Won’t ever cheat on you, unless you have roommates, or your mom stops by for a visit.
8)         Won’t ruin your credit, unless you go crazy with upgrades from the local Home Depot…Aisle 10, not that I’d know…
7)         Won’t give you an STD, unless you define that as Short-Term Delirium.
6)         Won’t get you pregnant – that could be good or bad
5)         Is cheaper than an array of adult toys – woo hoo!
4)         Will leave you feeling fresh and clean every time
3)         Will never make you sleep in the wet spot, unless you washed your hair
2)         Never asks you to reciprocate
And the number 1 reason showerheads are better than men:
Good vibrations, baby! – ahem, you’ll need a massaging showerhead for this.


Just sit and listen…
Is that life I hear?
Why am I afraid?
I should have no fear

It’s not like I haven’t
Been through this before
But each time is different
Each taking more

The pieces, they’re plucked
From what is left of me
Is there anything left?
Anything you can see?

I’m pulled this way and that
And up and down
So many directions
My smile has become a frown

The world, it stopped speaking
The Faeries did, too
But not the ghosts that haunt me
They seem to have no clue

I can’t hear anymore
The world has gone silent
If I just sit and listen
Perhaps it will be compliant

Just sit and listen…
That’s what I’ll do
As words float through my mind
Not everything’s about you.

First Date by Lynne Roberts

My friend Lynne Roberts had a release earlier this week and I was such a zombie, I didn’t get a chance to blog this, so here, check it out. Buy it! It is good. It is great.

Cheaper than a Latte, twice as hot and no calories.
What if you could make one fantasy a reality?
The Real Estate market is about to heat up.

When Bret Jacob walks into Jill’s real estate office, she attempts to maintain a professional demeanor, but memories of accidental voyeurism in high school, years of what-if’s, and Bret’s drop-dead sexy grin only serve to ignite her fantasies.

Bret needs a farm for his growing landscape business. When he sees Jill Daniels’ picture in a real estate ad, he can’t believe his eyes: The shy girl from high school has blossomed into a desirable woman. Ten years ago, she didn’t stir his blood and drive away all rational thought; now, he’s fighting the urge to take her in his arms long enough to ask her on a first date.

Below is an excerpt of First Date!

Tiffany lowered her voice to a breathy growl, “Is he about six-foot, dark blond hair and…” She sucked air through her teeth, “has a wicked, sexy grin?”

That sounded about right. “Yes.” A flush of heat spread over her body, warming her skin and tightening her nipples into small aching nubs.

“He’s here and, darlin’, that one is yummy. If you don’t go for it, I will.”

Jill shot Tiffany the dirtiest look she could manage. “This is a real estate office, not a bar.”

Her friend only laughed. “All the better. Well, go on. He looks like he might have just what you need.”

Oh, I know he does. Jill stood and smoothed down her skirt, thanking God for Victoria’s Secret and lined bras, then stepped out from behind the partition.

Bret stood inside the door, and she drank him in. His white button-down shirt opened at the neck, accentuating his square jaw and doing nothing to disguise his well-muscled chest. Faded denim wrapped long powerful legs, and she forced her gaze not to linger on the pronounced bulge between them, her mouth filling with saliva at the thought of what lie beneath the denim like a present waiting to be unwrapped. He was tall, muscular and comfortable in his own skin. She’d bet he’d never had an awkward moment in his life. If anything, he looked better than he had in high school.

She blinked, breaking the spell and walked forward, extending her hand. “Good morning.” Her voice quivered a little. “I’m Jill Daniels.”

His hand enfolded hers, his fingers warm and slightly calloused. The contact pebbled her skin, sending shivers rippling over her body.

“I remember you.”

Deep and seductive, his voice caressed her body like a physical touch, sending a jolt of pure need straight to her core. He remembers me? Bret released her hand and Jill rubbed a thumb over her now-tingling palm, her skin awake and yearning for those roughened hands to touch more.

Bret’s brilliant gray-blue eyes were now creased at the corners and golden highlights lightened his sandy brown hair as though he spent a lot of time outdoors.

The slow, sexy smile hadn’t changed. If anything, it had gained potency.

“I’m Bret Jacobs,” he added.

She reminded herself to smile. “I remember you, too.”

“Well, good, I was afraid…” He left the thought unfinished.

Did he honestly think anyone would forget him? And was that a blush? Did he remember the party too? He couldn’t. The image of Bret she occasionally used for her late-night showers filled her mind and a shockwave of desire stole her breath. Oh, God, she should have brought a change of underwear.

Bret smiled and Jill’s heart dropped into her stomach.

“So, are you ready?” he asked.

More than you’ll ever know. “Yes.”

Oh, and there’s a contest: