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Dating Site Tip #3

Gentlemen, learn how to spell, please. For someone like me, if you don't know the difference between "your" and "you're," I'm less likely to be interested because it shows either a lack of education or that you're a lazy writer. I am a writer and editor, after all.   UPDATE: a woman who has an education will very rarely… Continue reading Dating Site Tip #3

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Online Dating – Week 2

So...I'm kidding. Well, not much happening in week two other than I've had no contact with Bachelors #1 and #2, but have had a few phone conversations with Bachelor #3 (aka Nocturnal One) after having drinks and wonderful conversation with him last Friday (the 16th). I met him at 9pm at Barnes & Noble (my… Continue reading Online Dating – Week 2

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Online Dating – Week 1

So... I know, I shouldn't start my post like that, with the word "so." It's bad form, kind of like starting a sentence with "anyway" or any number of other words I don't feel like typing. So...I had over 250 hits on my dating profile the first week. I'm not sure if that's good or… Continue reading Online Dating – Week 1

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Fresh Start

In lieu of my cooking escapades this week, I've decided to share with you something I've found recently - one of Umi's poems. That's right, my mother is a poet and has several of them...somewhere around here. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. At a time when your world's Full of hurt and pain When… Continue reading Fresh Start

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Dating Site Tip #1

Guys, when you give your personal contact info (such as an email addy or your yahoo IM) in the VERY FIRST email because you don't want to deal with the dating site, that's an immediate disqualification from the dating pool. Seriously. Now go take your time out by the locker room. *blows whistle*

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Track Changes 101

Today, I'm going to teach you all about Track Changes in MS Word. If you don't know what that is, that's okay. I've encountered many writers over the last few years who haven't a clue. I've taught them via phone and email; I can teach you through a blog post. Actually, it'll be easier this way because… Continue reading Track Changes 101

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Online Dating and Me

Okay, so some of you know, if you've been paying attention, that I signed up for an online dating service during my apparent inebriated state after coming home from Atomic night in Scottsdale on Sunday, September 4th. I'll admit, even with the buzz I carried, I was a tad nervous about the prospect. I mean… Continue reading Online Dating and Me

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Pay It Forward

There's a very nice woman in my apartment complex who has become a good friend for Umi. They sit outside at night and chat, check in on each other when I'm not around...and when I am, and text each other almost every day even though they live roughly 200 feet from one another. Yes, it's… Continue reading Pay It Forward