Raspberry Sauce & Olive Oil-brushed Asparagus

Today, we’re doing a couple of real easy recipes that have five minute prep times. Essentially, we’re doing a type of sauces today. One sauce and one basic olive oil brush.

Raspberry Sauce

Initially, this is for two servings, so if you want to make it for more than two people, you’ll need to double/triple the ingredients.


⅓ cup light mayonnaise (you can use regular, if needed, but I’m on a diet)

2 tbls Fat free Raspberry vinaigrette dressing

1 tbls lemon juice

1 ½ tbls of fresh basil

You can go lighter on the basil. It’s pretty potent, especially if it’s fresh. Maybe only do 1 tablespoon.

Mix ingredients together and brush over meat. I’ve tried this on both halibut and chicken, and it’s good on either. Then cook the meat to proper specifications.

Olive Oil-Brushed Asparagus

This one is SUPER easy! All you need is a bushel of asparagus, olive oil, and salt and pepper. For something like this, I prefer the salt and pepper grinders because you get more flavor out of them.

Line a 13×9 pan with foil. Rinse off the asparagus and lay it in the pan. Brush the asparagus with olive oil (I use extra virgin olive oil for everything or you can use an even healthier alternative – coconut oil), and grind the salt and pepper over it.

Place the asparagus in the oven at about 325 degrees for 10 minutes.

When I’m baking halibut or chicken, I have the temperature set at 375 degrees, and I still bake the asparagus for the last 10 minutes of the entrée.

This will also grill really well.


Vive bene, spesso l’amore, di risata molto!

(live well, love much, and laugh often)


Online Dating . . . Finale!

Fuck yeah! Right before The Walking Dead finale! I rock!


Yes, we’ve come to an end with the online dating experiment because I cancelled my 6-month subscription last week. That’s right, I said six months. You’d think I’d have gone on more dates in that time, but I didn’t. That was partly due to my traveling to cons, and partly due to the fact that Match.com doesn’t really know how to match people, in my opinion, which I’ve stated before.

I did meet a few nice guys, though, who are friends now, I hope. =) A few of them are on my Facebook anyway.

However, regardless of Match.com’s inability to match people, one particular gentleman found me, and we are so perfectly matched it kind of scares both of us. So I suppose the site succeeded on some level because hey, we have a match! The amusing part of this is the fact that I showed up in his matches, but he didn’t show up in mine.

art © Lori Lasswell

The gentleman I’m speaking of is the one I mentioned in my last online dating post. We’ll call him Big J online and yeah, he kind of looks like the stick figure my cousin drew (which he got quite the kick out of when I showed it to him), but not quite so skinny. Seriously, he’s my zombiepocalypse survival partner. I’m not fucking kidding about this, people. We think EXACTLY the same in this realm!

I don’t consider the whole dating site thing a total flop, since I met Big J through it, but there is something I do have to say about it outside of the fact that it sucked major ass, and that is this: I’d originally contemplated only signing up for one, two, or three months on the site, but changed my mind in the midst of chatting with my uncle on Facebook, who was awake for God knows what reason at that hour. So here’s my thinking, and I know some of you are going to shake your heads or whatever, but I don’t care. I followed that fucking link for a reason that night in my slightly inebriated too many Long Island Iced Teas state. My uncle was awake at that hour for a reason that night (or early morning). I signed up for six months for a goddamn reason that night because normally I wouldn’t have done so. Also? My friend James teased me the entire time that night, which likely just pushed me to sign up even more.

But if I hadn’t signed up for six months that night oh so long ago, I wouldn’t have met Big J because he didn’t sign up until January and we didn’t start talking until two weeks before my subscription ended. The three months I’d contemplated wouldn’t have even covered that. So yeah, bitches, try to figure that one out. And don’t fucking call it coincidence. I don’t believe in coincidences because everything happens for a goddamn reason. Yes, that includes the bad stuff. Remember what I keep saying? That which doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger. It’s so true.

So I’d like to thank my Unca T for supporting me in chat that night and telling me to go for the six months and have fun, because this whole thing is all his fault. =p

Anyway, Big J and I are really enjoying our time together. I’m happy, believe it or not. I think some of you just fainted. *fans you, finds water* You okay? Ah, good. I know y’all aren’t used to a happy Jinxie. I’m a little startled myself. But yeah, I’m fucking happy as hell, folks, and I’ve got the Cheshire grin to prove it.

Here’s the big guy making me smile and acting like a goddamn girl lately…

And so we come to an end in this realm of Jinxie’s World. Stay tuned for the next exciting, fun, exhilarating, eventful….okay, okay, when I think of something new, I’ll let you know. =)

© Lori Lasswell - Artist Extraordinaire (click the pic)

Reader question: Would you or have you joined a dating website? Why or why not?

Spam Comment of the Week VII

Oh yeah, I just couldn’t pass this one up. I literally fell sideways with a loud burst of laughter. I think I hurt Umi‘s ears.

This week’s spam comment was on Chicken Florentine Lasagna and comes to us from wypadek uk:

I will conform to you.

Really, Wypadek uk whateverthefuck your name is? You’ll conform to me just because I put up a delish recipe that my friend Christel guest posted? That’s awesome. Exit stage right and join the league of minions. 

On Careers & Working


Sometimes, my bite is worse than my bark. *grins*

I have spent more than half of my life working, and I’m what some would call a “Jill of all trades” because of the diversity of jobs I’ve held, from manufacturing to bartending to secretarial to computer lab technician to behavioral health paraprofessional. Not so different from most of the American population. I did not consider any of these jobs careers because they weren’t careers. They were jobs. J-O-Bs to get me through life for a while. Could some of them have turned into careers? Absolutely. But they didn’t because Life happens, that little fucking bitch.

Then I went to school. I got my A.A. degree, and now I’m five classes away from a Bachelor’s degree in English that I can’t currently finish because, well, that bitch called Life is getting in the way again, even as much as I’m trying to push her the fuck out of the way.

Originally, I was going to be a high school English teacher. I worked for a school district for seven years, got sick of the administration and bullshit red tape, and changed my mind. Now my degree is just a fucking personal goal. Doesn’t matter because I could still use it, if I can ever finish the damn thing. If I ever do finish and go on to get my Master’s degree in English Literature, I’ll consider teaching college.

But my writing . . . now that’s my career. If it were just a hobby, I wouldn’t have started a magazine and publishing company with my friend Sharon. The jewelry? That’s the goddamn hobby, not a career. It’s called extra cash. The artwork you’ll soon see at cons for Zombie Survival Crew? Hobby, not career. But the Zombie Survival Crew itself? Fucking future income and career, bitches.

My passion for writing is my career, regardless of how much or little I’ve accomplished thus far. I have released three books, started a literary magazine in 2008 and a publishing company at the end of 2010. I was a finalist in a pitch contest a few years ago, but didn’t have my head on straight enough to finish the book and send it to the literary agent who chose me (I know, stupid); however, I just entered that book into a major contest, and I also entered a short story into another contest. Both have cash prizes and publishing potential. Could I have done more over the past few years? Oh yeah, without question. But Life has a way of fucking things up for you now and then. However, I will tell you that I’ve completed at least six novels, one of which I released last year. –>

At least two more novels will release this year; one paranormal and the other contemporary romance.

What have you done lately?

Spam Comment of the Week VI

This week’s spam comment is brought to you by . . . oh wait, I don’t have sponsors and these fuckers aren’t paying me either, so never mind.

However, someone decided to comment on Crazy Meatballs . . . again. I’m seriously considering closing comments on that post, but then I’d miss out on shit like the following:

[name censored for advertising content]

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Um, wait, stop. You had me after five words . . . I can BUY Facebook followers? OMG! I could get SO MANY minions doing that! I need to do a fundraiser.

*runs away to make signs and banners for fundraiser*