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Raspberry Sauce & Olive Oil-brushed Asparagus

Today, we're doing a couple of real easy recipes that have five minute prep times. Essentially, we're doing a type of sauces today. One sauce and one basic olive oil brush. Raspberry Sauce Initially, this is for two servings, so if you want to make it for more than two people, you'll need to double/triple… Continue reading Raspberry Sauce & Olive Oil-brushed Asparagus

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Online Dating . . . Finale!

Fuck yeah! Right before The Walking Dead finale! I rock! *ahem* Yes, we've come to an end with the online dating experiment because I cancelled my 6-month subscription last week. That's right, I said six months. You'd think I'd have gone on more dates in that time, but I didn't. That was partly due to… Continue reading Online Dating . . . Finale!

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Spam Comment of the Week VII

Oh yeah, I just couldn't pass this one up. I literally fell sideways with a loud burst of laughter. I think I hurt Umi's ears. This week's spam comment was on Chicken Florentine Lasagna and comes to us from wypadek uk: I will conform to you. Really, Wypadek uk whateverthefuck your name is? You'll conform to me… Continue reading Spam Comment of the Week VII

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On Careers & Working

  Sometimes, my bite is worse than my bark. *grins* I have spent more than half of my life working, and I'm what some would call a "Jill of all trades" because of the diversity of jobs I've held, from manufacturing to bartending to secretarial to computer lab technician to behavioral health paraprofessional. Not so… Continue reading On Careers & Working

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Spam Comment of the Week VI

This week's spam comment is brought to you by . . . oh wait, I don't have sponsors and these fuckers aren't paying me either, so never mind. However, someone decided to comment on Crazy Meatballs . . . again. I'm seriously considering closing comments on that post, but then I'd miss out on shit… Continue reading Spam Comment of the Week VI