The Prisoner

Feels defeating
Standing on the edge of that well
Because all
Is purported
And lingers on the edge of that well
I’ve grown weary
I’m tired
My body is mired
Halting any thought processes
That need to move forward
The cycle never ends
Round and round
No hope to be found
And it’s the bottom of that well
I hurtle toward
With each day
There’s a sliver
A hope, just a glimmer
That all this will end very soon
But with each passing day
The worse that it gets
I’ll soon find myself
Wrapped in a cocoon
Will the beauty break free?
It’s the hope that I see
But that hope is fading quite fast
I just want to sleep
Rest, ‘til the future I seek
The future that will come to me at last
I know it takes work
A luxury I cannot achieve
Whilst the pain
Flows through me
It’s not that I’m not willing to try
A hard worker, am I
When my body allows
Me to be free
But this pain, it debilitates
And does not motivate
Toward priorities that need to be done
Half asleep to the world
Half in pain in my own
Half my mind sings
When there is nothing to be sung
I’d much rather scream
And live in my dreams
Because there I feel no pain
So I yell and I shout
Make attempts to get out
But I am a prisoner of the pain
© 2009 NL Gervasio

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