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So, Here’s the Deal . . .

I’ve been editing Nemesis like crazy . . . okay, that might not be true because I’ve been dealing with mammograms, ultrasounds (both came back fine), CT scans of my head (no, it is NOT empty, just as y’all believed), and the new development of migraines because I’ve had one for the past two weeks. Seriously? Yes. Now I have Fioricet to help with that and Flexeril to help with my pinched sciatic nerve.

Honestly, I should just be taken out to pasture already. I’m falling apart.

The meds are helping, but only a little. *sigh*

While I haven’t been editing Nemesis like crazy, I have been editing, and the story has changed a bit . . . just a bit. I have about forty pages left in this final stretch and it looks like I may not make my deadline of May 31st (I know, big surprise) because my editor Sharon still needs to go through it. Let’s hope she works fast. So if I don’t make this deadline, I’d like to have this damn book finished by my birthday, which is two weeks later.

That will be difficult as well because I’ve also signed up for two classes this summer term–an anthropology class and a Shakespeare class. Big surprise on that last one, huh? Yeah, I know. My love of Shakespeare is well-known, especially since my favorite line is tattooed on my neck.

Yes, it hurt . . . a little. Tattoos are like massages for me. Can’t wait to get the next one!

So, after Nemesis releases no later than mid-June, my next project (as long as ZSC traveling allows me time) will be Dusk of Death.

And then maybe I can finish my fantasy novella, Tir na nOgbefore I finish my Bachelor’s degree by the end of the year.

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  1. Sorry about the hard stuff. Glad tests came back clear. Woot on the work you’re getting done. You go girl.


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