Left out in the world            AbandonedReckless thoughts provide            DelusionHeart sinks into            OblivionWhen he left without            ConclusionI’m brokenBeatenTorn up insideAnd I can’t seem to findMy wayI sit here, hollowA shellTurning the tideAs I’m pulled back intoThe bayThoughts flood my mindOf what might have beenAnd what will never beAs wave after waveCrashes over my headAnd carries me… Continue reading Abandoned


My New Freelance Gig

I am now officially writing for Examiner.com as the Mesa Books Examiner. I'm so excited about this that I had to tell you all and drop the link: http://www.examiner.com/x-34085-Mesa-Book-ExaminerCheck it out when you have a chance, subscribe if you feel like it, and please leave a comment if you so choose.Thank you!


The Prisoner

Pain            StrengtheningBody            WeakeningWill            FleetingLife            Feels defeatingStanding on the edge of that wellMind            ContortedThoughts            DistortedDreams            AbortedBecause all            Is purportedAnd lingers on the edge of that wellI’ve grown wearyI’m tiredMy body is miredHalting any thought processesThat need to move forwardThe cycle never endsRound and roundNo hope to be foundAnd it’s the bottom of that wellI hurtle towardWith… Continue reading The Prisoner