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Online Dating – Week 7

Yeah, I know, I don't have a witty title this week. Sue me. I'm at a fucking wedding today. Actually, I'm IN the wedding, and no, it's not my own. But wouldn't that be hysterical? First, I'd like to point out to the gentlemen who have found me not only on the dating site, but… Continue reading Online Dating – Week 7

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Cholesterol…Damn It!

In lieu of my typical recipe post, we'll be talking about my health today. Why is this important, aside from the fact that not eating healthy can kill me? Well, mainly because it's going to change the recipes I post on this here little blog. But that's a good thing, trust me, because I can't… Continue reading Cholesterol…Damn It!

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Calling All Minions!

My dearest minions, You know I love you. You know I adore you. You know I will do anything for you. Today, I need your help. I need you to spread the word about my Fight Like A Girl campaign. This isn't a scam and I'm not keeping the money, but I sure would like… Continue reading Calling All Minions!

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Online Dating – Week 6

For the past couple of weeks, I've mainly been playing email tag with a couple of guys, have texted and talked to Bachelor #3 once or twice, annnnnnnd that's pretty much it. Boring, I know. You don't have to tell me, I'm living it. I almost think I'd have better luck with the prince. The… Continue reading Online Dating – Week 6

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Grandma’s Pot Pie

Today's recipe comes from my late g-ma Ethel. She also called it meat 'n' potato pie. Why? Because that's pretty much what's in it. You can add carrots or whatever, but I like it this way. Pot Pie Crust 4 cups flour 1 cup shortening 2 teaspoons salt Enough water to mix* Combine ingredients in… Continue reading Grandma’s Pot Pie

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Cooking Tips #11

  The first and foremost ingredients in seasoning your food is salt and pepper. Why? Using salt and pepper first brings out the flavor in any dish. If you don't use salt and pepper, give it a try once and taste the difference.

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Dating Site Tip #6

Ladies and gentlemen, it doesn't do you any good to lie (or stretch the truth) about anything on the site because once you meet in person, we can pretty much see certain things you've lied about. Your height, for instance. If you're my age (early 40s), you are no longer 6'6" even though you were… Continue reading Dating Site Tip #6

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Prince…Charming? – Online Dating – Week 5

Today, we're veering off track a little so I can make a complete dork of myself in the following video. It's about 8.5 minutes long, but hey, I'm conducting an experiment here, people! Besides, you get to laugh at me . . . a lot. That should help, right? Okay, maybe not. Watch it anyway.… Continue reading Prince…Charming? – Online Dating – Week 5

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Sweet and Sour Chicken (Modified)

Today, one of my bestest friends, Deni, has decided to share this recipe she tried out on her man the other night with great success. It was also Deni's birthday yesterday, the 13th, so we're wishing her a very happy birthday! With cake! Now, Deni hates Chinese food, so J never gets Chinese food, but… Continue reading Sweet and Sour Chicken (Modified)