Baking Powder Bread

I may need to try this recipe, with a few modifications for my allergic-to-the-entire-world diet, of course.

Bite From the Past

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In my journey of bread making, I came across a recipe that I’m dying to share with you for a number of reasons. It’s a really simple recipe-and it contains no yeast. Because it has no yeast, it takes less preparation time-great for working moms! And it contains a potato-which just sounds fun to say. Actually, I learned from research, and from making this recipe, that replacing a portion of the flour in your bread with potatoes can result in a softer and moister loaf. Who knew?

The recipe comes from the New Dr. Price Cookbook, published in 1921 by the Royal Baking Powder company-which explains why there is so much baking powder in the recipe! Baking powder, of course, serves as the leavening agent and while the amount may seem large, it really does work. Here’s the recipe

• 4 cups flour
• 1 teaspoon salt
• 1…

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