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Mini Lasagna Cups

That's right, I have another tasty treat for you. Umi LOVES these. I doubt they're on my "diet" plan, but they're damn good now and then, especially when I don't feel like making an entire pan of lasagna. Mini Lasagna Cups Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook Time: 20 minutes Total Time: 40 minutes Yield: 12… Continue reading Mini Lasagna Cups

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Drunken Irish Birthday Cake

Oh, that's right. It is time once again for Jinxie's Kitchen! Today, we have a recipe from my friend Deni, who has given us a couple of recipes before. Check out this shit.Drunken Irish Birthday CakeIngredients:1 Devil’s Food Cake Mix1 small package chocolate fudge pudding1 cup Extra Stout Guinness¼ cup oil4 eggs1 cup sour cream2… Continue reading Drunken Irish Birthday Cake

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Unca T’s Oklahoma Fried Green Tomatoes

Hey there, my darling minions! I've been so busy with my LAST CLASS, and copy edits for Shannon Mayer, and trying to promote, edit, and obtain books for Just Ink Press, as well as spending a crazy weekend sitting next to Michael Rooker, that I haven't had time to blog at all. I'm so ashamed...and… Continue reading Unca T’s Oklahoma Fried Green Tomatoes

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Raspberry Sauce & Olive Oil-brushed Asparagus

Today, we're doing a couple of real easy recipes that have five minute prep times. Essentially, we're doing a type of sauces today. One sauce and one basic olive oil brush. Raspberry Sauce Initially, this is for two servings, so if you want to make it for more than two people, you'll need to double/triple… Continue reading Raspberry Sauce & Olive Oil-brushed Asparagus

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Cooking Tips #12

  I know this should be common sense, but some people fail to see the issue, so listen to me when I say... If you have longer hair, always, ALWAYS pull your hair back/up BEFORE you start cooking, even in your own damn kitchen. I'm sorry, but finding a hair in my food makes me want to… Continue reading Cooking Tips #12

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Spam Comment of the Week III

I know, I haven't done one of these in a few weeks. That's what happens when I travel a lot. C'mon, you guys should know by now that my blog goes pretty much dark for at least a week or two when I'm traveling. I'll try to remedy that in the future, but for now,… Continue reading Spam Comment of the Week III

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Spam Comment of the Week II

I know, it's not a recipe. I'll get back to that next Friday if time allows since I'll be in Albuquerque, but first, I have to share this once more. It is, after all, the Spam Comment of the WEEK. If I continue to receive these awesomely hilarious comments, I'll switch the day in which… Continue reading Spam Comment of the Week II

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Spam Comment of the Week

No, I'm not talking about the meat-substitute wanna-be in a can that makes me gag when I walk past it in the store. I get a ton of spam comments on my website daily, and I'm certain I'll get some on this post, so on occasion, I get some really hilarious ones and I'd like… Continue reading Spam Comment of the Week

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A Thankful Day

Every year, people write posts, articles, emails, tweets, etc. about the things they're thankful for. Every year, I roll my eyes and scoff at the holiday just like I Bah! Humbug! Christmas because, quite frankly, without children in my home, holidays just don't mean a whole helluva lot to me anymore. I'm single. I'm childless.… Continue reading A Thankful Day

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Cholesterol…Damn It!

In lieu of my typical recipe post, we'll be talking about my health today. Why is this important, aside from the fact that not eating healthy can kill me? Well, mainly because it's going to change the recipes I post on this here little blog. But that's a good thing, trust me, because I can't… Continue reading Cholesterol…Damn It!