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How Hard Is It…

...to create a new password? Apparently, it's extremely difficult when I have to remote in to help and still, the person just can't seem to type their newly created password correctly. FIVE TIMES, at the very least. *headdesk* Yes, I have to type it for them sometimes. I *wish* I was joking. In other news,… Continue reading How Hard Is It…

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Change is Good

I don't know if I've talked about this topic before, but what the hell, we'll discuss it anyway. Change . . . that little word that strikes fear into the hearts of men and women. You'd think the word was Voldemort. I don't understand why people freak out about change. Change is good. It's a… Continue reading Change is Good

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Smoke and Mirrors

I love that the clients/customers in the district who call me think that I'm this great and powerful sorceress, but it's really all just smoke and mirrors. They call, expecting me to perform miracles within the precious few minutes they have before their next class comes in, parents show up for a meeting, or prior… Continue reading Smoke and Mirrors

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Let’s Face It…

I suck at blogging. I really, really do. And that's okay. I can admit it. That's a step forward, right? Of course it is because I'm not in denial about it. But this year, I'm making a few changes, mainly because I need to get myself organized again. Let's please not call them New Year's Resolutions. Those are only a To Do list that *may* last a month. The changes I'm talking about are long-term, because that's how I roll.

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Oh, Procrastination…

...thou art an evil bitch! I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions, but I'm really going to make an attempt at blogging at least once per week, regardless of comments or the lack thereof. Right now, I'm just trying to stay awake. The reason(s) are as follows: 1) I'm cleansing this week. What that means… Continue reading Oh, Procrastination…

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2014? Bring It, Bitch!

Happy New Year!!! Oh, what a year 2013 has been! I know I haven't blogged much, but that's just how crazy it's been. I'm going to share a little of my year with you in pictures, as well.