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How Hard Is It…

…to create a new password?

Apparently, it’s extremely difficult when I have to remote in to help and still, the person just can’t seem to type their newly created password correctly. FIVE TIMES, at the very least. *headdesk* Yes, I have to type it for them sometimes. I *wish* I was joking.

gmailIn other news, Google’s Gmail hit an iceberg of mega proportions last Friday. Needless to say, it was so much fun at the help desk in a school district that uses Google’s Gmail service, and I ended up going to lunch an hour late because I had to field call after call that went something like this:

“Help desk, this is (Jinxie), how may I help you?”
“Yes, this is —– at —— and–”
“Your email isn’t working, correct?”
“Yes! How’d you know?”
“Don’t worry, it’s down across the globe. We’re aware of it, our guys are in contact with Google, and they’re working on it.”
“Oh, worldwide, huh?”
“Yes, it started in Europe this morning.”
“Really? Wow.”
“Try it periodically. It’ll be fixed.”
“Any idea when?”
“I don’t know. I don’t work for Google.”
“Oh, okay. Bye.”

I love my job. I really, really do. I find the calls amusing. Seriously. I laugh . . . a lot.

I mostly saw 793 errors. What the fuck that means, I have no idea. That’s not my job. When I tried to search an image of the error, all I found were 500s and 502s At any rate, servers went down and it affected EVERYBODY. Kinda trippy, if you ask me. HA!

GoogleFYI, when I discover shit like this as I’m working, I usually throw it out on Twitter. =)


Change is Good

I don’t know if I’ve talked about this topic before, but what the hell, we’ll discuss it anyway.


Change . . . that little word that strikes fear into the hearts of men and women. You’d think the word was Voldemort. I don’t understand why people freak out about change. Change is good. It’s a great thing. Why? Because in order to succeed in life and the things you want to do, change is required, for without change, you’re left standing, stagnant, plateaued. Who wants that? I mean, if you’re truly happy going nowhere in life, more power to you, but I for one don’t want to be stuck in any aspect of the last five years. That includes the present. I’m not quite where I want to be just yet, so I must force change to get there.

Now, did I embrace the change that put me in that place five years ago? Hell no! I went into a downward spiral to the well of depression, and let me tell you, as evidenced on this blog, it took me a long damn time to pull myself out of that well. But, I only did so when I was ready. People tried to help me; some just knocked me right back down when I’d have a day of feeling good (rare, at best, and those people are no longer in my life). Others, however, were there listening, supporting, nurturing . . . just like I am to a friend in need. Those are the friends I cherish.

Once I got through that bullshit and started taking care of my health issues, it lead to what I call the metamorphosis, the act of being reborn into something better, something greater than I was before. This is the change I’m talking about. When you start getting your life back on track, things start happening for the better. That doesn’t mean there won’t ever be minor setbacks, but if you plod through the obstacles, good things happen as change continues to take place. For me, as my health improved, I was able to work again. It started as part time, and for a year, but a start was all I needed because it gave me that lift in confidence again, and self-worth. I applied for other jobs throughout that year and nothing came out of it, until last September. That’s when I applied and interviewed for the job I have now, the job I’ve wanted for some time. Without that confidence building and self-worth provided me by the other job and other things I’d been doing, I would have failed that interview miserably.

But this isn’t the end of my change. I have a publishing company to grow, and books to write and publish. I have a legacy to build. Who the fuck I’m leaving it to, I have no idea, but I’m sure I’ll think of something. 😉

Embrace change, my darling minions. You’ll be all the better for it. Trust Auntie Jinxie.


Smoke and Mirrors

I love that the clients/customers in the district who call me think that I’m this great and powerful sorceress, but it’s really all just smoke and mirrors.

They call, expecting me to perform miracles within the precious few minutes they have before their next class comes in, parents show up for a meeting, or prior to them having to leave for a district meeting. That’s right, kids, it takes more than a few minutes to not only ping your new printer on the web to locate it and create a brand new print queue, but also to remote into your computer(s) and add said printer. I know, the horrors of having to wait. Please call back when you have more time. Of course, that’s assuming I actually can remote to the computers and there isn’t some other issue going on. I can’t fix this shit instantaneously with the *snap* of my fingers and say, “It is fixed because I am Jinxie, the Great and Powerful!”

On the other hand, they think this way because I’ve had several calls lately where their internet or wireless or printer isn’t working, but suddenly after getting me on the phone, it starts working. Of course it does, Mr./Ms. Impatient.

Or maybe I really do have magical abilities. *wink*

(I just found this little gem recently and thought you’d enjoy it)


Image source: Diana Adams @ Bit Rebels

It’s a Techie World

and apparently us techies can’t operate a two-way radio.

Seriously. We can all fix your computer from a completely different location, install a printer onto it, create print queues, reset your passwords in multiple accounts, write code, and reconfigure shit from our desks, but ask us to answer the emergency radio’s check and we’re all completely flummoxed. My cubicle neighbor was out for the third day in a row last week, and she’s the emergency committee person in our area, so of course the radio check happened while she was away . . . and none of the rest of us knew what to do. It took three tries with three of us flocked around the radio.

On a side note, I’ll be using smoke signals for communication during the z-poc.

God help the geeks should the zombiepocalypse begin anytime soon.


Does anyone know how to use this thing? Over.

Let’s Face It…

Art © Lori Lasswell

Art © Lori Lasswell

I suck at blogging. I really, really do. And that’s okay. I can admit it. That’s a step forward, right? Of course it is because I’m not in denial about it. But this year, I’m making a few changes, mainly because I need to get myself organized again, and that’s been a long time coming. Let’s please not call them New Year’s Resolutions. Those are only a To Do list that *may* last a month. The changes I’m talking about are long-term, life-altering changes because that’s how I roll.

I’m just trying to decide on the day of the week. Right now, I’m thinking Wednesday is a good day.


Part of the reason I suck at blogging is because I run out of ideas or material, and because I have so many things racing through my mind that I can’t think of anything to write here. Or I simply get bored, and if I’m bored, you’re bored. And then yesterday in a Facebook post, after my supervisor called me “Padawan,” I mentioned for the who-knows-how-many-th time “my geekdom,” and holy shit, people, I am surrounded by posts working in info systems aka the world of geeks. How I didn’t see this before, I have no clue, but I’ve only been here for a few months and have had a lot of shit on my plate to sort through.

So I’ve created a new category for “My Geekdom” because let’s face it, the boundaries for that world far exceed my “day job,” and from time to time, I’ll be discussing My Geekdom.

Welcome to my worlds.


Oh, Procrastination…

…thou art an evil bitch!

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions, but I’m really going to make an attempt at blogging at least once per week, regardless of comments or the lack thereof. Right now, I’m just trying to stay awake. The reason(s) are as follows:

1) I’m cleansing this week. What that means is my diet is strict and limited, includes only organic/natural foods, lots of veggies and fruits, and that means NO PEPSI. *gasp* I know! Also, no gluten or dairy (I’m imposing this part on myself), for the most part.

2) I don’t have coffee, and more importantly dairy-free creamer, at work to have more than one cup (which really equals two cups) before work.

3) Tea doesn’t seem to be strong enough, yet its caffeine content is stronger than coffee.

4) This tells me I need more sleep, which is where I say, “well, duh!”

5) And Oh. Em. Gee. I just came up with the PERFECT idea for posts and can’t believe I haven’t thought of this sooner. Excuse me while I start prepping this for you. *runs away*


2014? Bring It, Bitch!

HappyNewYearsEveOh, what a year 2013 has been! And it’s about damn time. After three of my friends got jobs they wanted this past year, I said it was my turn. Boy, did Life and the Universe decide to throw me a bone! I know I haven’t blogged much, but that’s just how crazy it’s been. I’m going to share the Top 10 moments of my year with you, and what’s to come in 2014.

1) I have released new books via Just Ink Press from people whom I am proud to call Just Ink Authors.

Impulse final-smIsola dei Sogni, where fantasies and dreams come true. Mia only went as a favor for her sister. Her fantasy was a good book and a bottle of wine. Until she met Dylan. Then her sense disappeared and fantasy took over. Dylan has arrived at Isola dei Sogni to help out—with reluctance and just as a favor. Then he meets Mia.

EnslavedThe gods are flawed . . . and they make awful parentsThe gods are flawed . . . and they make awful parents. Deryck knows first-hand the cruelty of the gods. Three thousand years after his birth, he is still trapped, forced to service humans as an Incubus—unable to choose whom he sleeps with, and living a life completely devoid of love. There is no out for him. No hope. Or so he thought.

NemesisPrince Charming was a putz. Prince Charming number two was even worse. After the last prince ran off without any notice, breaking her heart and their engagement along the way, Nemesis Mussolini swore off men and passed the time kicking ass and slinging drinks, something her mafia father would never approve of.

The DracoveKylie O’Rourke has unwittingly walked into the path of two vampyres—one who wants to use her as a sacrifice, and one who only wishes to win her heart. As she is pulled into their clandestine world, she learns more about her history and the reason behind her horrible nightmares. Master vampyre Cianán searches for the one woman who could take his immortality to the next level—godhood.

Gods and VampyresWar. The act never changes, only its players over thousands of years. When Kylie is taken for use as a sacrifice in an ancient ritual, Grantlund races to save her life, but he has to wait for that perfect moment or all will be lost. Not only does he have to go up against his former Master, Cianán, one of the oldest and most powerful vampyres on Earth, but now the gods are involved, and Cianán has a very prominent one in his corner.

IntoTheDarkness-FinalMagic. Darkness. Choices. Whether or not you believe, there are more mysteries in the universe than man will ever be able to explain. From wanting the truth, to facing demons, Into the Darkness is a dark paranormal story that will take you on a journey to explore your psyche, thrill you, scare you, and leave you with a satisfying read that haunts you. The stories all revolve around a magic object—cursed or blessed, you make the decision.

TemptationWhen Meryl goes to Isola Dei Sogni, she tries to kid herself it’s for her sister, Mia, who desperately needs a break. It has nothing to do with the silhouette of the man on the brochure. A man she had to say goodbye to. A man who is one hunk of gorgeous tiger shifter. No, nothing at all to do with that.

In Too Deep_200x300Meghan Sterling—CIA agent. For six months, she’s been living in Central California under the name Clara Osbourne—and not by choice. The Cold War is over; however, she’s still tasked with infiltrating a potential cell of Russian sympathizers, possibly ex-KGB operatives. The CIA has heard they’ve found a way to render the vast agricultural hub of Fresno, California useless, tainting the produce as well as beef, milk, and poultry produced in the county.

MiM_200x300Prince Charming was a putz. Prince Charming number two was even worse. After the last prince ran off without any notice, breaking her heart and their engagement along the way, Nemesis Mussolini swore off men and passed the time kicking ass and slinging drinks, something her mafia father would never approve of.

MRooker and MeIMG_20130607_1950092) I sat next to Michael Rooker during the ENTIRE weekend of Phoenix Comicon, and that’s when I really became a fan because he’s a pretty awesome guy. I have never seen a celeb so devoted to his fans.

3) During one of only two breaks the freight train of a man took, I got to meet my namesake, Nichelle Nichols, and she is such a wonderful person! So polite, so amazing. After 44 years, it was an honor to meet her. Rooker took the photo for me. 🙂

4) I don’t have breast cancer. YAY! If you knew how much that beast loved the women in my family, you’d understand why this is such an exponentially big deal.

5) I graduated Magna Cum Laude with my B.A. in English…finally! I’m still trying to decide on whether or not to go for my Master’s in Creative Writing or English Literature. I’ll make that decision early this year.

6) I am blessed with an AMAZING new job that I fucking LOVE! A job I’ve wanted for several years now. I am also blessed to have the benefits that come with said job. I love this help desk job so much that even the nocturnal creature I am doesn’t mind waking up at 5:30am.

new job2

7) I found a wonderful new doctor who has done for me in two months what others couldn’t do in a much longer period of time. I’m walking straight, I don’t need my cane, and the pain is minimal now. She has me changing my diet and feeling great with the acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatments. I’m looking forward to what’s to come in this realm of my life.


8) Umi is doing well, and we have a new dog, Princess the Chihuahua, who has become a part of our forever family now after her mama and Umi’s good friend, Kathy Slater, passed away a few months ago.

9) I’ve started working on the second Kick-Ass Girls Club novel, Assassin. I’m excited, and I hope you are too! It’s going to be a fantastic ride.

10) And I’m about to launch the Just Ink Press website store soon. Who’s not excited for that?

I hope you all have a wonderful new year and that it is filled with great tidings and blessings.