I Once Had a Dream…

Not so many nights ago, I dreamt of a life past.

Running through dense forest, I seemed to be outcast.

There arose such a timbre, the sounds of battle all around.

As they rushed me through the trees, so my heart began to pound.

Deep within my soul, I could feel the betrayal and lies.

As I felt them watching me, from the brush, the trees, and skies.

I fought and watched in horror, as each of my warriors fell.

The crimson ran like rivers, and it was Death that I could smell.

When I awoke within my dream, I had been placed upon an altar.

And since I could not see his face, my love began to falter.

The hooded beasts surrounded me, each limb of mine was bound.

My gifts seemed to abandon me, each lost, never again to be found.

I turned my head to find my love, stretched between two trees.

He slowly raised his head, and his eyes begged, “Forgive me, please.”

I turned to my captors as the chants began, and I felt the power surround me.

‘Twas dark forces they wished to bring to this world, and I could not let it be.

The dagger plunged into my heart, and sharp pains seared through my chest.

The malevolent beast began to make his way through, but I held him to my breast.

I struggled and fought as my body jumped, and their chants grew with each note.

I sang the spell, barely a whisper on my breath, “…and so be it, mote!”

As the darkness began to envelop me, I heard my love’s closing scream.

And before my last breath escaped, alas, I woke from my dream.


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