On Love

There are so many people writing about friendship lately, and not so much writing about what it is, but rather questioning it. I don’t think there is a question to friendship. It is what it is. ‘Nuff said. If you have to question it … well, there you go. So this post is about something… Continue reading On Love


Forever Nocturne Vol. I, Issue V

Woo hoo! The fifth issue of Forever Nocturne is now available for download. It costs $1.00. You can spare a buck, can't you? Of course you can for some excellent entertainment.Story writers this time around:Carrie Clevenger - our featured author!Andrew JackEric J. KrauseCheryl TracyAshelynn SanfordKilian ConorSiobhan MacIntyreNL Gervasio (yep, that's me)Poetry by:H.C. ZuernerT. HoffmanM. HoffmanE.M.… Continue reading Forever Nocturne Vol. I, Issue V