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Worst Wednesday

Oh, where to begin with this one . . . A lot of you wondered just what in the hell happened last Wednesday to upset me so. A few of you figured it out without my telling you. Some of you I talked to on the phone, some in messages. And others got to see… Continue reading Worst Wednesday

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Spam Comment of the Week V

This week's spam comment comes to us from "hello." No, really, I kid you not. That is the name in which it is listed under. At least it isn't "horny" and I *will* be sharing some of those with you soon because they're hilarious. Also? I realize I'm not posting these weekly. Life interrupts at… Continue reading Spam Comment of the Week V

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Online Dating…Still?

I don't even know what fucking week this is now, but my subscription to the dating site ends on March 4. I will not be renewing it for several reasons. That said, just as I'd given up on the stupid site, a new guy came out of left field at me two weeks ago. Seriously.… Continue reading Online Dating…Still?

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I Care…

Throwing a little truth at y'all . . . because apparently people need to be reminded now and then. And I really have no idea what prompted this one. Guess recent events sparked it. *shrugs* When a friend is upset about whatever in the world they're upset about, I don't ask questions other than "are… Continue reading I Care…

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I know I'm not alone when I say that last week was just a fucking shitty week any way you look at it. And if you've been following my Twitter timeline, you know two-thirds of the reason my week was so shitty—two sprained feet, lots of pain. There was another reason, but I can't remember… Continue reading Focus

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Tomato Sauce Stock

Okay, so I thought I'd give this recipe a shot, though I'm now wishing either of my grandmothers were still alive so I could pick their brains about it (put down the crossbow Juliette! I'm NOT a zombie!). It's the first time I've made it (because I got it from someone who used to be… Continue reading Tomato Sauce Stock