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Editing News

If you're one of my clients, or a potential new client, you may want to read this.... We're coming up on August soon, which is the start of school here and my busiest time of year at the day job, so the entire month of August is blocked out to any type of editing or… Continue reading Editing News

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Writing/Editing Tip of the Week – Passive Voice

Since the spammers are being stupid now and only leaving me comments with links, which I won't EVER approve OR discuss outside of this sentence due to their subject matter (things best left for erotic tales and little blue pills), I will now have to switch topics. So there will be no more Spam Comment… Continue reading Writing/Editing Tip of the Week – Passive Voice

Jinxie's World

So, Here’s the Deal . . .

I've been editing Nemesis like crazy . . . okay, that might not be true because I've been dealing with mammograms, ultrasounds (both came back fine), CT scans of my head (no, it is NOT empty, just as y'all believed), and the new development of migraines because I've had one for the past two weeks. Seriously?… Continue reading So, Here’s the Deal . . .