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Today's guest post is from my darling cousin Lori, who's getting married on Halloween to the Rockstar she affectionately calls Future Husband on her awesome and hysterical blog that is full of hilarity Diary of a Rockstar's Girlfriend! This is the meal she made while she was here to visit our g-ma recently, and Oh.… Continue reading Carbonara!

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A Good Cause

Dearest Readers, I'm postponing this week's recipe post because this is more important. You all know the troubles I've faced these past couple of years. Several of you have helped me in many ways, from financial support to emotional support, and I've thanked you countless times for your generosity and caring. I'm asking you once… Continue reading A Good Cause

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Cooking Tips #2

  Today's cooking tip involves something I mentioned in last Friday's Jinxie's Kitchen post - pasta! Instead of rinsing pasta, coat the noodles with some of the sauce you've prepared. The reason we don't rinse the pasta is because the sauce will stick to it better. Basically, rinsing takes the starch off the pasta, which… Continue reading Cooking Tips #2

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Interview with Sharon Gerlach

Today, I'm interviewing my partner in crime (fighting), in business, and in all things writing. Sharon Gerlach is an extraordinary writer and has always astounded me with her attention to detail and description, an area I'm severely lacking in when I write. Her character development is awesome, her sense of humor is quirky, and her… Continue reading Interview with Sharon Gerlach

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Red Clam Sauce

You've likely seen me talk/tweet about this recipe quite often, and the reason being is that it's yummy and quick and easy to make. I suppose if I’m going to share any Italian recipes with you it might help if I give you the base ingredient to most of them–the marinara sauce. Marinara means “no… Continue reading Red Clam Sauce

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Cooking Tips #1

  I've decided to add "cooking tips" to the blog for you. It dawned on me last night, after Unca T gave me a cooking tip while I made red clam sauce for him and the fam at g-ma's house, that this might be needed too. They will be short posts, just a quick note… Continue reading Cooking Tips #1

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This is my favorite cookie and my Aunt Jane, who passed away two years ago, used to make them all the time. Unca T sends me a batch for Christmas too, along with pizzelles. Now THOSE are NOM! Most of my recipes are on note cards, which means I have no idea half the time… Continue reading Snickerdoodles!