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Ch Ch Ch Changes

…and I totally continued the earworm from that last post. You’re welcome.

I said Change would come to the techisphere of My Geekdom, and after receiving the survey results on our antiquated IS department (you think I’m joking, but I’m not), our Director had a little talk with us. Survey says, “Hey, you’re antiquated!” Director says, “Hey, we need to change this shit now!” Okay, not really in those words, but you get the gist. Lord knows I’m all for Change. I say “Bring It, Bitch!” Because there’s nothing like Change to catapult you into the future and freak people the ever-living fuck out, and we all know that I find that shit amusing as hell. I’ve already had one call from a Windows 8.1 hater. This Fall when school starts is going to be so much fun!


One major Change that’s going on is the upgrade from Windows XP (yeah, I know, don’t even ask) to Windows 7 and 8.1. Some of our software isn’t compatible with Win8.1–mainly on admin machines because it’s admin software that hasn’t quite caught up to reality yet–so we have to only upgrade them to Win7 so they’ll work. Some of them have that stupid Celeron processor, so they can ONLY be upgraded to Windows 7 because Celeron can’t handle 8.1. If a tech upgrades a Celeron processor to 8.1, it’s bluescreen city. Likewise, the RAM needs upgraded, but do you think the techs are doing that? Hell no. That’s another list for after the upgrades because that’s how shit works. I just talked to someone who’d been upgraded to Win7, and their Celeron machine had 1GB RAM. *facepalm*

Also? Everyone seems to be moving to a different part of the building except for the help desk, thank the gods. I don’t want to move all of my shit again. However, as traffic seems to have increased in front of me, I’m now considering moving back a cubicle when the guy in there moves to whereverthefuck he’s going because it’s fucking noisy now and I can’t hear my calls. Major drawback. Damn it.

And finally, my boss is retiring on the 30th. While I’m happy for him, I’m also a tad nervous because they have yet to replace him (that’s how the district works; replace after someone leaves because, you know, it would make sense to hire someone and have him train them). Now all requests, including vacation requests, will go through the Director. Good thing I decided against taking off in August for Wizard World Chicago. Regardless, my boss is laid back, easy going, and will pretty much say yes to anything, which is probably why they’re not having him train his replacement. *shrugs* They haven’t even decided on who it will be yet and they did interviews awhile back. They also haven’t hired someone for our final help desk opening, which is going to hurt us come August because it’ll be busy as hell, and if we don’t have someone trained in here, it’s gonna dump that extra load on the four of us.

*sigh* I’m gonna need a vacation come September. *goes to look for conventions around that time near the beach . . . or just a beach in general* Oh hey! Four-day weekend over the 4th!




Why I Can’t Read or Edit Your Book

…without some sort of monetary transaction. Y’know, like you pay me and I’ll edit your book or design your cover or whateverthefuck it is you’d like me to do with it.

editing (1)

I’m not sure if most of you are aware of this, but quite frankly, folks, I just don’t have the time to edit or even read your book for free. I know you don’t want to hear this and it saddens you because you may value my opinion, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day for me to get it done. I work full time and work five different jobs. It’s hard enough to carve out hours to freelance edit, edit for my own publishing company, and write my own damn stories on top of my “day” job. I rarely even get leisure reading time anymore, which really sucks because I’m pretty fucking sure my Kindle book list has now topped the 1,000 books mark.

So while I would absolutely love to read your book and give you my opinion, or edit it and rake you over the coals, I just can’t. “Won’t” isn’t even a factor, so please don’t be offended when I tell you “no.” You’ll notice I didn’t say “if” there. That’s because I never edit/read for free anymore. I can’t afford the time off another project that will pay me.

And while I have you here, I also don’t have time to do your research for you, unless you’d like to fork out a nice chunk of change (large bills, please) for it. There are folk who specialize in research. I even know some of them. There is also this fucking amazing website called “Google.” You should check it out. It’s done wonders for me. I mean, hell, how do you think I learned all of this shit in the first place? Oh, all right, I actually did go to college and get a degree, but I am constantly searching things on Google, to the point that one could almost call me the Google Queen, except that I know people who use it more than I do. That should scare you. And hey, if Umi can do it, anybody can. Don’t be a pussy.


Likewise, there are websites that specialize in matching writers with people who need writers. You can Google that too! I don’t have time to answer a bunch of questions for you on whatever your questions are about when it comes to looking for/finding a writer/editor/whatthefuckever, and if we get past me already telling you that I don’t have time, then it’s gone too far and just pissing me off, especially if I’m cranky.

Look, I try to be nice as much as possible until I have to be a bitch, and if you think I’m a bitch, then I’m doing my job and not overloaded with the work of people trying to take advantage of me or my connections. I know that’s not always the case, but it is some of the time, and those fuckers are the ones who ruin it for the rest of you.

So go give them hell.


Cleaning House

…and praying I get to keep my job that I love so much.

A lot has been happening within and without Jinxie’s World these days, and on the outside, in the really real world, work is one of those things. Changes, they are a-comin’ within the techiesphere of the school district I work for, and some may not like those changes. Some of the changes may also not be good changes, but personally, I’ve never had an issue with change unless it fucks me royally and leaves me like a beat up hooker in the alleyway.

Whoa! I’ve been reading Chuck Wendig’s blog too much.

Anyway, work changes . . . we all hate ’em.

David Bowie changes

And hate is such a horrible word. It’s negative, and one of the things we can’t be anymore is negative, so let’s stop using “hate” and go with “dislike” instead.

People dislike changes. They always have, and fight it tooth and nail until their dying breath . . . or they’re told to pick up their last paycheck. So fighting change isn’t a good thing; you have to learn to go with the flow of change because listen to me, people, change is inevitable.

And change with a capital C is happening where I work.

I love my job. I’d like to keep it, so I’m doing whatever I need to do to do that. *blinks* Wow, let’s try that again. I’m minding my damn P’s and Q’s with the new regime, but in all honesty, I’m okay with changes. Lord knows I’ve seen a lot of those fuckers over the past six years to get used to them.

So you want to make changes in my world? I say Bring It! I am no stranger to the Road of Change.

changes ahead

And This Week’s Virus…

…reminds me of Dr. Mario. Did you play that? It was like Tetris, but with drugs . . . gods, it all makes sense now.



I’m kidding. But really, in the world of cyber viruses, the same goddamn program as last week–or whenever the Malware started–is giving me problems this week, only it’s a different issue. Now the shortcut either doesn’t work or disappears altogether. Seriously. The fucker just vanishes. I don’t know where it goes, but I just replace the folder in the drive and then replace the shortcut, and all is well in the cybersphere of that particular universe. It’s all I can do to keep the program running because if I remove that malware, the program won’t work at all.

Know what the issue is? XP is vulnerable now that Windows has discontinued support of it, and that is the reason the entire district is going through a massive OS overhaul. Same with our antivirus, which is also having issues, so really, it’s pointless for me to send a tech out to re-image these computers when they’re about to be imaged with the new OS this summer.

Haven’t seen hide nor hair of that Conficker.B virus in a while. Somebody finally squashed that worm.

In another realm of the geekisphere, I am now NOT going out in the field to help with the new Windows 8.1 image install districtwide, at least, not until I return from vacation when more people will be back at the help desk. No worries. I’ve got . . . oh hey, today is my last day before vacation! Nice. Oh wait, I’m still working, just not at the day job. Damn. And I have to work a partial day next week to cover the time I’m short on vacation and sick leave for this near two-week extravaganza of conventions.

One of these days, I will take a REAL vacation.

Peace out, bitches!

PS: There may or may not be a post on Monday.

PPS: There will NOT be a My Geekdom post next Wednesday, unless something happens on the partial workday that I feel worthy of blogging. *grins*

And We’re Off

…but gods help me, I think I might lose my mind over the next two weeks.

Last Friday began my 10-hour days, which allows me to have one of the five days in the week off. Since I’m sitting here typing this, I’ll give you a guess as to which day that is.

I’m kidding. I actually typed this up on Friday (during my last 30 minutes of work…shh, don’t tell anyone), but I *do* have Mondays off for the next several weeks. On top of that, I will be taking my vacation from the day job June 5th through June 16th for varying reasons:

  1. Phoenix Comicon is the 5th through the 8th and I’m flying in one of my Just Ink Press authors, RC Murphy, to sit at the booth with me and for general diablerie, of which, of course, I mean mischief and not Satanic magical debauchery. Watch out for two Zombie Survival Crew Commanders running around the con and slaying zombies (if I can find any new weapons now that I’ve discovered all of mine are BANNED).
  2. Denver Comic Con is the 12th through the 15th, where I’ll be working with Michael Rooker, who unexpectedly decided to show up in Phoenix on the 8th so get your asses down to the Civic Center on Sunday! It’s also my 45th birthday weekend when I’m in Denver and I plan to make it a totally DRAGON birthday (only some of you will get the dragon thing). W00t!
  3. I figured I’d take off on the 10th and 11th because really, what’s the fucking point of going to work for two days in the middle of two 5-day weekends?

So as you can see, I’m going to be quite busy during my “vacation,” with exception to those two days in the middle where I plan to do N.O.T.H.I.N.G. Where you can find me… Just Ink Press will be sharing a booth with Magdalena Peach Clothing Co. at Phoenix Comicon, booth 793. Find us. Buy things. We’ll have a nice assortment of craftware as well.

Con BooksThe next two days are going to be HELL on me, but oh the blessed time off will be wonderful…until I have to go back on the 17th. *sigh*  Hey, at least I have a good day job, right? 😉 Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to Target to return my Nerf bow that is prohibited at the convention. I know, right? WTF?