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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Episode IX

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Generalized, short, spoiler-free review:

My first words when the movie ended were: “I don’t know how I feel about this right now.” I had to mull it over for the past 24 hours, and the following is the conclusion I came to.

I generally go into movies not expecting a whole lot, especially if they’re based off a book or are a series like this that stems the majority of my life. That said, I found it to be enjoyable; parts of it may be memorable and some parts emotional, but I wasn’t on the edge of my seat throughout the story. Parts of it were exciting; overall, not so much. I laughed, I cried a little, but I also sighed. I was surprised by a moment where I found myself wondering how much time was left due to slow pacing. I hate being pulled out of a story like that. I was surprised by part of the ending, but not all of it. And it definitely left me nostalgic for all that graced the screen.

I’m giving it four stars because I feel like it left some things open and I’m not expecting another movie to close them, and because it didn’t suspend my disbelief throughout – I was in and out of it.

Some people will love it; some, like me, will just enjoy it for what it is. I can pinpoint the moments the fanboys will hate.

Will I watch it again? Absolutely. It’s Star Wars, after all.

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