I stand

Before two doors

Looking back

Upon the path I’ve tread

I see it’s worn through the years

Full of potholes and cracks

Heartache and pain

But where the road shines

It’s filled with happy times

Looking forward

These two paths before me

A decision to be made

One leads to Dreams

The other leads to Reality

The Devil whispers

In my ear

Making promises

He’ll never keep

For things I want

But there’s a price

Reality tugs at my sleeve

As I reach for my Dreams

Holding me at a stalemate

At the Crossroads

Of Time

I shrug off

And step through that other door

Where fantasy becomes Reality

As my Dreams come to life

I look back

And tell the Devil:

“You were wrong”

© 2012 NL “Jinxie” Gervasio

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