My Life in Hell: Nine Inch Nails

Remember that concert I was so excited to see a while back, where I needed a concert buddy? Yes, well, that concert was tonight. Oh yes, it was, and it was AWESOME! But then, it's Trent Reznor, so how can it NOT be awesome, right?Concert buddy: Wookie-man, aka WookieStyle on Twitter, and my tattoo artist… Continue reading My Life in Hell: Nine Inch Nails


The Great Swear-off

This past Saturday, May 2nd, early evening found me in a cursing competition on Twitter with one of Shadow's vampire characters, Crookedfang. I know, right? Keep reading.I'd just risen from my crypt, logged in to Twitter, and soon thereafter the competition began. Why? Because Crookedfang discovered Cursebird.com. It is a site that tracks and ranks… Continue reading The Great Swear-off