My Life in Hell: Hell, I Have No Title

The pitbull wants to play and won't stop biting me! OUCH! That hurts you little shit! I tweeted this one day: Dearest little pitbull puppy, I understand that you think my hand is a chew toy, and I'm cool with that, but my elbow is definitely NOT a chew toy! OUCH! This evening it was… Continue reading My Life in Hell: Hell, I Have No Title


My Life in Hell: Synopses

Apparently, I can't seem to remember to do this on Mondays, either, so I suppose they'll just be done at random... or when I remember to do them. LOL I never was good at the whole journaling thing. I'd rather write stories.Have I already done a post with this title? I don't remember. *shrugs* Oh… Continue reading My Life in Hell: Synopses



Right now, I am working on the synopsis for Nemesis, and I hate it. It's annoying. I think I'm summarizing too much. Honestly, I have written three paragraphs on the first five and a half pages. Too much, right? It seems that way to me. I suppose I'll continue this way because I can always… Continue reading Synopses