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Labor Day Celebration Multi-Author Event

….because giveaways are always fun!

That’s right, it’s time for another event with awesome prizes like a Kindle Fire and Amazon gift cards!

When: Now! I mean, August 31st through September 4th.

Where: Online, of course, on Facebook.

Prizes: I already told you the big ones, but each author throughout the event will be giving away prizes too, so join in the fun!

Who’s involved: *points down*

Join the celebration on Facebook by clicking HERE!!!

Aug. 31

6 PM Angela Mcpherson
7 PM Tia Silverthorne Bach
8 PM Twyla Turner
9 PM Jennifer Lane

Sept. 1
6 PM A.M. Wallace
7 PM C.M. Stunich
8 PM Heather C. Myers
9 PM Brenda Pandos

Sept 2

6 PM Mary Ting/M. Clarke
7 PM Alexandrea Weis
8 PM Erin Hayes
9 PM Wendy L Owens

Sept 3

7 PM Heidi McLaughlin
8 PM Lila Felix
9 PM CM Doporto
10 PM N.L. Gervasio 

Sept 4

6 PM H.D. Gordon
7 PM S.I. Hayes
8 PM Jaidis Shaw
9 PM Juniper Grove Book Solutions


The Secret Life of Jinxie G, Part II

You’ve read this blog and likely think my life is an open book and how in the hell could there be any Secret Life, but secret lives aren’t necessarily spy-worthy tales to tell or skeletons in the closet. Hell, those were outed years ago by my uncle and myself. It’s how we amuse ourselves, I guess.


You know how in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty all of his fantasies involved him doing amazing things and basically stepping outside his comfort zone? I do that but with my worst fears. My brain for some fucked up reason has to play out every goddamn scenario that could possibly happen in any given situation. It’s truly exhausting. But, since I can’t stop it from happening, I try to put a positive spin on it….like, at least I won’t be caught off guard should one of these million scenarios actually come to fruition. Because we all know how likely that is.

Hello, my name is Jinxie and I write fiction….because reality is boring as fuck.

I don’t know about you but I believe in the power of three, meaning I believe things happen in threes. I’ve noted this over the years and it’s fucking true. Quite recently (two weeks ago and the reason I was watching movies in the first place), right after I bought my new car, I received some bad news that was not only bad, but was also a month and a half after I could have done anything about it, hence the disappearing into other worlds because not only is reality boring as fuck, it also fucking sucks at times. This was one of those times. Said bad thing is now affecting my paycheck and I’m trying desperately to fix it because if I can’t, maintaining a new car payment and trying to save ANY money for ANYTHING will be nigh impossible. I actually broke down when I received an official notice of my impending diminishing paycheck later that week. It takes a helluva lot to break me to that point. But I sucked it up the next day and found out the information I needed to know….before breaking down again that night.

broken nailOkay, the bad thing doesn’t count as two, but on the 17th, I’d thought I’d lost an ENTIRE day’s worth of edits on my book Nemesis. That’s equivalent to 220 pages, by the way. Talk about not being able to breathe and the unbearable weight of having to do it. All. Over. Again.

And then I broke a fucking nail the day after that. I mean, really. Now, here’s where most people would ask that question of the Universe….WHY?….but I know better. You don’t ask questions that you don’t damn well want answered. In the event that I forget to follow my own advice, I immediately follow it with, “That was a rhetorical question!” in hopes that the Universe doesn’t actually respond with a giant, FUCK YOU, BIATCH. What? It happens.

(Actually, the first bad news I received that week was that my pit bull, Leonidas, had died. Devastation doesn’t even cover the feeling.)

The day after I broke a nail (which was fixed that night by the lovely Jade), I got a check in the mail from the state for my plate that will be transferred from the ‘lanche to the new car. It was only $20, but hey, it’s $20 more than what I had before opening the damn envelope. Right? See, that’s how you have to look at all the shit when your life is constantly bombarded by insanity. That night, I received a phone call from the car dealership and dread filled me as the what ifs started playing through my mind because they wanted me to come back down to the lot. What if they want more money? What if they take the car back; then what will I do? I’d be without a vehicle, and then how would I get to work. OMG I’d lose my job…. And on and on it goes; worst case scenarios. Fun times. Turns out that instead of leasing the car to me, the lender wrote up a loan to purchase it. My payment went up $50, but it ends up being cheaper in the long run AND they extended the extra warranty I’d purchased for the fourth year to cover the entire six years of the loan. All in all, I’m perfectly fucking happy with the deal because I just bought a 2016 Chevy all by myself for the first time in my life. No significant other. No one but me. And at a better interest rate than I’ve ever been offered. Go me!

Allow me to introduce Cruzella

Allow me to introduce Cruzella

That night, after I’d finally gotten my Windows 10 sorted and updated and everything, I found the goddamn edit I’d lost. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of relief flooding me upon finding it. I totally did the hands-up-soccer-GOOOOOOAAAALLLLLL!!! yell of YES! I FOUND IT! MOTHERFUCKER!

It’s quite entertaining in my house. Truly.

So, even though I still have some shit to clear up, and I am working on it, I’m good. Umi is good. Life….is good. Try to keep your head up if Life gets you down. It’s not always bad shit and it doesn’t last forever. You do have to fight for it, though. Life doesn’t hand you everything you need and treat you fairly just because you’re a good person.


Be the motherfucking lion.

The Secret Life of Jinxie G, Part I

secret_life_of_walter_mitty_xxlgI watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (the remake with Ben Stiller) last night and thought about how similar to Walter’s life mine is. I mean, I’ve seen the movie before and knew then that I am oh-so-much like Walter Mitty, but in subtle ways I’m different. For instance, the fantasy at play within my mind never stops and doesn’t keep me from living in the here and now, in reality. I’ve always said that I have one foot in the door of my dreams when I’m here in reality, and one foot in reality when I’m visiting my dreams, but I never realized how true that was until last night while watching Walter “zone out” during one of his fantasies of doing great things and going to wonderful places. I zone out, but I’m usually alone when that happens. However, if you see me staring “through” something or someone, that’s a “zone out.” It’s rare, but it happens, although not while in the midst of talking to someone. Usually.

poster-3Today, I’ve been working on a few projects, one of which is my website here on the Editing page because professionalism is key and I needed to post a sample of the contract I’ve been creating over the past week or so. Starsky, my Boy Wonder co-worker, helped me figure out how to embed the damn PDF so people could just click, open, and read. Well, now it does exactly what I want it to do and I’m a happy girl who can concentrate on other things.

I’m also dealing with an allergic reaction to the half-slice of pizza I ate at work yesterday because I didn’t have a chance to grab lunch and there’s not a whole helluva lot in the area when it comes to take out/drive-thru, but also there’s the aforementioned food allergies pretty much preventing me from eating out.

But I digress…

tumblr_mxr8qz9YmX1rcufbuo1_1280I’ve mentioned my overactive imagination many times, and you’d think by now I’d have multiple books published, right? Well, there’s also a goddamn Perfectionist in me, and she halts most production. I have to sneak stuff past her, and it’s not always prime material, hence the vamp books. I really do love that story line, but I’m thinking I just need to focus on the twins, Trent and Shawn de Laurent. It’s not like I don’t have the material for them already. They have their own damn blog.

I haven’t talked much about this, but one of the things I’ve been changing in my life as of late is my focus and what I focus on. That is to say that I will be focusing more on writing. Just Ink Press will still exist because I will publish my books and anthologies through it, but I will no longer publish other authors. Frankly, I just don’t have that kind of time and it’s not fair to anyone involved. My own creativity suffers, not to mention the other authors’ creative outlet. I’ve loved working with everyone! They’ve been great. But it’s time to become a little selfish and focus on me. I mean, I’m not going to be around forever, right? If only….


So, will there be more stories coming from me soon?

You bet your ass there will be!


Why I Write

 …or, my plans to take over the world.

the brain

Wait…forget I said that. I can’t tell you my plans. That’s completely negating everything between now and my monologuing end (I hope it’s a good death).

*sigh* Fine. I’ll tell you a story. Sort of.

I write because of the need to escape the reality I’ve lived most of my life, to be someone else, somewhere else in the world or universe, to be something other.

I write to illicit emotion because I want you to feel every single emotion I feel when viewing this world or another and its tragedies and triumphs, and then maybe–just maybe–it’ll give me a glimmer of hope that it’s all worth the pain and effort.

assassins-creed-revelations-screenshots-oxcgn-16It’s like when I play a video game; I’m in that world, living that life (we’re talking Assassin’s Creed here, hence the image), and it’s so rich and full of action and adventure and history and being the hero nobody ever knows about because everything you do is secretive. When I write, I live those lives….because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to be as a grown-up when I was a kid. I wanted to be it ALL, everything, from teacher to fireman to spy to vampire to werewolf to alien. Maybe a vampiric wolf from space who’s spying on humans while pretending to be a teacher that’s also a volunteer fireman/woman. Probably the best teacher you ever had and a pillar of the community. I was bound to be either a writer or an actress. I grew up watching classic horror and comedy, James Bond and John Wayne! I’ve fallen in love with the paranormal and sci-fi horror (Alien!), and the anti-hero (Riddick). Oh, the anti-hero! I want to be the hero and the villain. In high school, I fell in love with Shakespeare and Poe, and Indiana Jones. When I studied for my B.A. in English, I also studied Anthropology and Psychology on the side. The human mind fascinates me and I want to know how it works and why people do the things they do (I also realize I will never understand this). Greek and Roman mythology were a hobby in elementary school and that has only expanded to other cultures in adulthood. I took a class titled Magic, Witchcraft & Healing in college; it was basically an anthropology class on comparative religion, though quite fun. I wrote my final paper on Sufism, which is essentially the Wicca of Islam. You didn’t now that existed, did you? I mean, you probably heard the term Sufi, most likely from watching the movie Jewel of the Nile, but Wicca of Islam? Nah. My thesis was on the Battle of Thermopylae because I love ancient history and graphic novels and holy fucking hell, THIS IS SPARTA! *kicks Peter Mensah into well*

*blinks* Shit, sorry Peter.

I need a T.A.R.D.I.S., and if the Doctor appeared in front of me, grabbed my hand, and told me to run, I’d jump right out of my flip-flops and run like the dickens to join him in an adventure or five. And I’d pray to never, ever run into the weeping angels because…Fuck. That.tumblr_mith4t8MUY1rn94bwo2_500

With words, I can paint the images I see within my mind that I am unable to do with acrylics or oils. I can share the movie I’m watching…and throw popcorn at you if you’re being too rowdy, but hey, whatever, I tend to talk during movies so you might not want to watch one with me.

Wonder WomanDark PhoenixStormpunkAs a female growing up in the 70s and 80s, role models were few and far between. All I really had to look up to were fictional characters. There weren’t a whole lot of real world women to look up to other than Mother Theresa and I sure as hell didn’t want to be a nun. I should probably point out here that my mother is an avid reader and always had her nose in a book at night, that my uncle is a collector of comic books (you should have seen his stash before the fire that took out the Uncanny X-Men #1-10), and that my reading scores in elementary school surpassed high school levels even though I hated to read. Really, I just hated reading what teachers assigned to me. It was boring. Wonder Woman, the Bionic Woman, and Lt. Uhura (the actress is my namesake, after all) were my role models, though I do recall Dorothy Hamill in 5th grade having an impact on me (hairstyle…I’m not kidding). Gymnastics weren’t a possibility, however (and this is why I need a proofreader, because Dorothy Hamill was a goddamn ice skater, but I also wanted to do gymnastics and God knows what else at that age). In the 80s, I discovered punk rock Storm (X-Men), and I wanted to be the Dark Phoenix, but this world wouldn’t survive that.


I wrote the typical emo poetry in high school (before emo was cool) and didn’t write my first real adult novel that will never see the light of day until I was 28. I’ve stashed it deep in the files of my hard drive in a sector none should enter lest they have no will to live because Leviathan is in there and they’re pretty hungry. Really, I wrote my first book when I was eight. It was about horses (I had a serious fascination with them and wanted one, but city kids with single parents can’t have those things), and I typed it (yes, typed, as I had my own typewriter from my grandmother who taught me how), made the illustrations, and bound it all together with staples before handing it over to my mother. I’m not certain what’s happened to it since then, but I was damn proud of that creation. And those horses still live in my mind. I had an extremely active imagination as a child, and it really never stopped. Where the Wild Things Are was my favorite book because it played on that imagination. In other words, I’m always writing.

I write because life is a mishmash of boring as fuck or real fucking bad or fan-fucking-tastic (for a brief period), and we all need something to look forward to. Really, reality bites. I write to shut the voices up because those fuckers are damn noisy.

And I write because, well, I figure if I want or think all of these things, then maybe you do too, so I write to transport you to these worlds so you can forget about the here and now and jump forward or backward or dimensions. Or, you know, whatever. Shiny.

Where in The Verse do you want to go?

image description

And never once have I ever allowed someone to dissuade me from writing, whether editor, friend, family, or asshole reviewer. What someone else thinks doesn’t matter to me because I write for me, and if you enjoy what I write, well then that’s just fantastic and I welcome you to my worlds!

Why do you write? Or read?

(Psst! This was supposed to be a flash fiction assignment for an author’s website and I got bombarded by calls and projects at work, so I didn’t get it finished in time, but I thought I’d post it anyway. Besides, I went over the word count)