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Formatting 101

Formatting is very simple, but if you're not familiar with MS Word, I'd suggest "playing around" with all its functions or taking a class to learn it better before you begin hacking your or someone else's book to pieces. I've been working with word processing programs for the better part of 20 years and most… Continue reading Formatting 101

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Back in the Swing of Things?

I can't remember the last time I sat down and worked--actually worked--on a story. Over July 4th weekend, I went down to Tucson for a "writing retreat" to visit Kitty, but did I get any writing done? Nope. Plotting, yes; writing, no. On the bright side, I did some research and figured out the plot… Continue reading Back in the Swing of Things?

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Book Reviews 101

Let's talk about book reviews for a moment, shall we? Grab some coffee. This is a long lesson. You picked up a book, you read it, you loved or hated it, and now you'd like to write a review on it for whatever reason you may have. Maybe you enjoy writing book reviews. Perhaps you're good… Continue reading Book Reviews 101