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A Good Cause

Dearest Readers,

I’m postponing this week’s recipe post because this is more important.

You all know the troubles I’ve faced these past couple of years. Several of you have helped me in many ways, from financial support to emotional support, and I’ve thanked you countless times for your generosity and caring.

I’m asking you once again for help, but this time it’s not for me. Kait Nolan started this wonderful post this morning, and within it, there are several links to click on to help.

A dear friend of mine, Wulfie (aka Cher Dawn) and her husband, are about to be evicted from their apartment, but their landlady has told them if they can raise enough money by the end of the month, they can stay.

Here’s what Wulfie told me last night via email:

What happened that started this was:

I lost my job care-taking an elderly woman because she died. Hubs renovates and flips houses for realtors and others. Generally, we get enough money set aside to cover us over winter or there are inside jobs for landlords. Last year, hubs worked mostly for one investor renovating two houses. The deal was to fix the houses and sell them and we’d get a percentage of the profit. But the guy didn’t sell the houses, so we don’t get our investment back and no cut of the profit.

Shortly after that, a PayPal glitch took out a double payment for a bill which sent us flying into overcharge fees, bounce fees, etc. By the time that was cleared up we were broke. We’ve been struggling since then because there isn’t much work in the winter. Renovations are seasonal because of the freezing temps. We’ve been surviving on odd jobs, selling our things and the landlord hired hubs to plow and would put that toward the rent. That’s managed to keep us here, but not catch us. It’s been like running in place.

Now it’s tax season, so the owners of the complex gave us an eviction notice. They’ve said if we can come up with 1500 we can stay. That puts a big enough dent in what we owe so that they know we’ll be able to catch up because now that spring and summer are here, the work is coming in, but most of these jobs are two and three weeks away because it’s been cold and rainy.

That’s the whole story.

Wulfie is an amazing writer—one of the most talented I’ve seen so far. She’s been published in my magazine Forever Nocturne. I encourage you to check out her writing and her blog as well. I can tell you right now, she is a future Running Ink Press author! And some of you know how picky I am. 🙂

A writer needs our help, folks. As Kait said, it’s Good Friday. Easter is on Sunday. Hard times have hit us all, but there’s no need for a couple to lose their home. At last update, I saw over $600 had been raised. Let’s continue that!

To help Wulfie and her husband out, click on the button below and it’ll take you directly to the PayPal donation page linked to her account.


From Kait’s blog:

These are tough financial times for everyone.  But I am hoping that we can find enough people who are able to donate $1 (or more) to the cause.  Skip that designer coffee for a week or forgo that Super Value Menu lunch one day (you didn’t need the calories anyway).

I implore you to step up and help someone we know and love (and to follow @_Wulfie on Twitter if you don’t know her to find out WHY we love her) this Easter season.  Please donate if you’re able.  A dollar WILL help. $10 will help x10. Passing this along could help even more.  Feel free to snag the text of this post to share on your own blog or Facebook or wherever to spread the word.

Thank you so much for your time, and your help!



UPDATE: Since some people are having trouble with the link to donate, Wulfie’s email that’s associated with her PayPal account is wulfshado (at) yahoo (dot) com.

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  1. Slowly but surely, we are going to get there! I am still so impressed by the out-pouring of support via the online community! Just proves to me that there are still a few good men & women left in the world! 🙂


  2. Patricia – if you go to Kait Nolan’s blog, you’ll see she’s put the physical address of the landlord up. Thanks so much for helping!


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