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Spam Comment – 28 May 2012

Well, it seems the spammers have changed their tactics a bit. Now they write the posts to make them look as though they’re answering someone else’s comment. I’m amused. I got three of those this week. It also seems as though they may be skimming the posts for an idea on content now, making it a bit harder to determine if they’re spam. Thank God for Akismet!

This week’s spam comment comes from Homepage (yeah, real original there) on the post Beyond Hell:

I recognize there exists a lot of spam on this weblog. Do you want support cleansing them up? I could support amongst courses!

That’s right, Homepage, I left off the numbers you included in your comment in case they’re traceable somehow, but let’s address your comment. First, you can’t possibly have seen any spam on my blog because it gets filtered and deleted. While I appreciate your offer, there’s this cool app called Akismet that my site’s host employs. Akismet’s job is to filter spam comments, such as yours. Obviously, since I found your comment under the “spam” tab in my dashboard, Akismet is doing its job just fabulously. Therefore, I don’t need “support cleansing them up,” and I certainly don’t need to take a course to learn how to get rid of spam.

Do people seriously fall for this shit? Wow.

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