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Gods and Devils

Calling all devils.... I have a new book coming out!!! OMG! *bounces* Okay, look...I know I just released one last fall and this might be a bit too soon considering it's usually years between book releases from me, but let's try to move past that and celebrate. Not-so-coincidentally, this new book—The Devil of Dating—shares the… Continue reading Gods and Devils

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Turn the Page . . .

We're now in the next chapter of this part of my life, not the song, even though that song is going through my mind because of the title. LOL At any rate, moving along . . . Some of you may have noticed I haven't mentioned someone lately. I'm apparently single again. I say "apparently" because… Continue reading Turn the Page . . .

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Spam Comment of the Week VIII

Last week, it was slim pickings for the spam comments. This week hasn't been much better. I think they're on to me making fun of them. *shrugs* Oh well, if that's the case and they stop giving me material, we'll chalk this up to another fun series and I'll have to think of something new.… Continue reading Spam Comment of the Week VIII

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Online Dating . . . Finale!

Fuck yeah! Right before The Walking Dead finale! I rock! *ahem* Yes, we've come to an end with the online dating experiment because I cancelled my 6-month subscription last week. That's right, I said six months. You'd think I'd have gone on more dates in that time, but I didn't. That was partly due to… Continue reading Online Dating . . . Finale!

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Online Dating…Still?

I don't even know what fucking week this is now, but my subscription to the dating site ends on March 4. I will not be renewing it for several reasons. That said, just as I'd given up on the stupid site, a new guy came out of left field at me two weeks ago. Seriously.… Continue reading Online Dating…Still?

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Online Dating – Week 13

Oh hey, that's my lucky number! Unfortunately, I haven't had time to go on the site lately because I've been slammed with several other things--writing and editing, my disability hearing, and being there for an old friend, to name a few. Said old friend is one of my ex-boyfriends, and he cooked his spaghetti… Continue reading Online Dating – Week 13

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Online Dating – Week ???

I've completely lost track of time now...and since I was gone for nearly two weeks, there hasn't been much going on in the dating world for me. I did have dinner with Bachelor #5 the day after Thanksgiving, though. He's a sweetheart and we have a scary amount of things in common. He's also really… Continue reading Online Dating – Week ???

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No Online Dating

Yeah, I know, there's no post for today other than this note to tell you...hey, there's no post today! Sorry, I've been slacking...actually, I've been working my ass off on a new project, as well as started NaNoWriMo. Yep, got a new book I'm working on, about werewolves. I think you'll like it. If you've… Continue reading No Online Dating

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Dating Site Tip #8

After the "Hi, how are you?" and "What are you doing?" emails, never EVER ask the person "can I text you?" because all you're going to get is an email stating "I'm sorry, but I'm NOT giving you my number after only two emails. Have a nice day." Seriously people, I'm not on this fucking… Continue reading Dating Site Tip #8

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Online Dating – Week 7

Yeah, I know, I don't have a witty title this week. Sue me. I'm at a fucking wedding today. Actually, I'm IN the wedding, and no, it's not my own. But wouldn't that be hysterical? First, I'd like to point out to the gentlemen who have found me not only on the dating site, but… Continue reading Online Dating – Week 7