Out of the Black

So my dearest friend and soul sister, Kitty, decided to turn her playlist into a poem today. I have to admit, it’s pretty stunning. Thusly, I have been challenged, along with the tagged group of fine writerly types. So here goes.

Note: it’s a little creepy, yet frighteningly accurate. Song titles in boldface.


Out of the Black

Out of the black, I fell
Into the becoming, born anew
But it’s not the Same damn life.
Save today before it ends, before it’s gone.

Have you Missed me?
But What difference does it make?
In the House of the rising sun, you Let it die.
You can’t be my Savior; I can’t be yours,
Though I Want you bad.

Drop me in a Lake of fire,
Clean my wounds,
Instead of The bog I fell in.

Fuck you.
I still Hurt at times,
But I became Orestes,
My life a Vicarious atonement
For Thinking of you.

If I didn’t love you, I’d hate you.

They say “Follow me down the path.”
Then they Take me to church
Where they use Words as weapons.
You know I’m no good,
Yet they Wait and bleed.

When I’m Killing strangers,
I’m a Little monster.
You have yet to Figure it out.

Hear my Footsteps
In the Pure morning,
Before I set Sail
To a Bitter sweet symphony.

Casting my Voodoo on you,
I Go! in search of a new life.
Become The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles,
And come Out of the Black.





The me that you know
smiles and laughs
when deep inside
she feels nothing

tick tick tick

The me that you know
functions through life
when deep within
she’s falling apart


The me that you know
fights every day
through a pain
most cannot fathom


The me that you know
has become a machine
because it’s the only way
she can survive

thump-thump thump-thump thump—


© 2015 Jinxie G



I’ve forgotten how to live
Life kicks my ass
The world spins by
so quickly
I hardly notice
anything that’s happened

And then five years goes by
and I look up

What? When did that…?

I have a broken heart
I hide from
the world
I like to pretend
it’s mended
But the truth is
it still has shattered

I’ve tried to find them all
but there’s a vital piece
The one that makes you
feel whole
feel alive


I don’t think I’ll
ever feel
the same


that’s the point



If my choice
is to stand
or fall
I choose to stand

Against your “rules”
and beliefs
of how I should
live my life

If my choice
is to bend
or break
I choose to bend

Against your corruption
and power
because breaking
is never a choice

If my choice
is to fight
or flee
I choose to fight

Against all the crimes
and injustices
so that others
may live free

to the end

© 2015 Jinxie G


I stand
Before two doors
Looking back
Upon the path I’ve tread

I see it’s worn through the years
Full of potholes and cracks
Heartache and pain
But where the road shines
It’s filled with happy times

Looking forward
These two paths before me
A decision to be made
One leads to Dreams
The other leads to Reality

The Devil whispers
In my ear
Making promises
He’ll never keep
For things I want

But there’s a price

Reality tugs at my sleeve
As I reach for my Dreams
Holding me at a stalemate
At the Crossroads
Of Time

I shrug off
And step through that other door
Where fantasy becomes Reality
As my Dreams come to life

I look back
And tell the Devil:
“You were wrong”


© 2012 NL “Jinxie” Gervasio



Within words

Within gestures

Within expressions

It says nothing

Without words

Without gestures

Without expressions

It says everything

Between the lines

All silence portrays

Words left unsaid

A picture

An action

A reaction

Hidden beneath

Unruly waters

Into the deep abyss




Silence is a beacon

Shedding its light

Onto the path of truth

But you mistake silence

For weakness

For falsehoods

For untrustworthiness

And with your mistake

You sink

Into oblivion

© 2011 NL Gervasio

Spam Comment of the Week IV

Have I mentioned just how much I love Akismet because it filters this shit for me? I do. I really, really do. Okay, that said, on to the Spam Comment of the Week…

This is the very first one I saw when I opened the spam comments last night, and I pretty much fell over laughing, especially after seeing exactly where the idiot was trying to post to.

From Valentine’s Day Gifts (BTW, I HATE Valentine’s Day):

OMG? I thought this was blue jeans and then I noticed it was VIDEO GAMES! My ears had to do a double take :)

Posted on: Bittersweet 

First, Bittersweet is a fucking poem, people! Second, how in the fuck do you mistake this poem, with a picture of a heart, for blue jeans? Third, video games? WTF? Fourth, I’m sorry, but your EARS had to do a double take? I’m not really sure what else to say to that because it’s after 4am and I can’t think anymore. Fifth, considering the poem’s content and everyone else’s mood last night, I’m all depressed now. I’m going to bed.

*throws hands up and walks away*

(Note: apparently this poem was the “article” of the week, as it had MULTIPLE spam comments on it. Lovely)