On Careers & Working


Sometimes, my bite is worse than my bark. *grins*

I have spent more than half of my life working, and I’m what some would call a “Jill of all trades” because of the diversity of jobs I’ve held, from manufacturing to bartending to secretarial to computer lab technician to behavioral health paraprofessional. Not so different from most of the American population. I did not consider any of these jobs careers because they weren’t careers. They were jobs. J-O-Bs to get me through life for a while. Could some of them have turned into careers? Absolutely. But they didn’t because Life happens, that little fucking bitch.

Then I went to school. I got my A.A. degree, and now I’m five classes away from a Bachelor’s degree in English that I can’t currently finish because, well, that bitch called Life is getting in the way again, even as much as I’m trying to push her the fuck out of the way.

Originally, I was going to be a high school English teacher. I worked for a school district for seven years, got sick of the administration and bullshit red tape, and changed my mind. Now my degree is just a fucking personal goal. Doesn’t matter because I could still use it, if I can ever finish the damn thing. If I ever do finish and go on to get my Master’s degree in English Literature, I’ll consider teaching college.

But my writing . . . now that’s my career. If it were just a hobby, I wouldn’t have started a magazine and publishing company with my friend Sharon. The jewelry? That’s the goddamn hobby, not a career. It’s called extra cash. The artwork you’ll soon see at cons for Zombie Survival Crew? Hobby, not career. But the Zombie Survival Crew itself? Fucking future income and career, bitches.

My passion for writing is my career, regardless of how much or little I’ve accomplished thus far. I have released three books, started a literary magazine in 2008 and a publishing company at the end of 2010. I was a finalist in a pitch contest a few years ago, but didn’t have my head on straight enough to finish the book and send it to the literary agent who chose me (I know, stupid); however, I just entered that book into a major contest, and I also entered a short story into another contest. Both have cash prizes and publishing potential. Could I have done more over the past few years? Oh yeah, without question. But Life has a way of fucking things up for you now and then. However, I will tell you that I’ve completed at least six novels, one of which I released last year. –>

At least two more novels will release this year; one paranormal and the other contemporary romance.

What have you done lately?


11 thoughts on “On Careers & Working

  1. Grae says:

    I have only known you a few years online and not met you offline (yet!) but you never cease to amaze and inspire me. Love ya!


    • Jinxie_G says:

      Grae, you are one of the few exceptions of those who have not yet met me, but knows me probably better than most. And I love you for being there three years ago because I’m not sure what I would have done without your friendship. *hugs*


  2. Delaney Ryden (@delaneyanne30) says:

    I cannot wait to see how the ZombieSurvivalCrew takes off! You and everyone else involved in the nitty gritty of it deserve all the success it brings! I also have bought Nemesis and cannot wait to get started reading it and I look forward to future publications from ya 🙂


    • Jinxie_G says:

      Oh YAY! I hope you love it! And please leave a review on wherever you bought it. I need reviews. I’m begging here. See me on my knees? Wait….that sounds really bad. *snorts*


  3. tlboehm says:

    amen. I’ve been reading you since 2007 (: You are a writer. I get it about “jobs and careers” and life lobbing a continuing barrage of cat feces. I know that in 2008 I was headed for that “career” in writing. Then my dad died, my son graduated, I started working sixty hour weeks and now I’m sitting here going “what the hell happened?” and my drive to write is gone. (and it sucks) Passion and perspiration are a killer combo – you will succeed.


  4. Beth Witt says:

    What have I done lately? I haven’t written any novels, but that’s not surprising since I am not a writer. But I have also accomplished a great deal, enjoying my triumphs and enduring my tragedies with the profanity laced stoicism that I am so known for. While on a backcountry snow machine trip disaster struck and I was called upon to perform CPR on a fellow rider for 2 hours waiting for the helicopter to get him off the mountain. If anyone thinks that would be easy, try it. In the end I as rewarded with a new friend…for life. The same friend who answered the call 3 months later and sat by my side when a berry aneurism took the life of my son. I watched while friends shied away from my reality and reveled in the love and support of those who didn’t, eventually providing me (or helping me find within myself) the healing balm needed so that memories of Garrison are accompanied with a smile. Through it all I have continued with search and rescue…many successful, and some not. It’s my passion, but it doesn’t pay incredibly well, so I will pick up the occassional shift at a friends pub/cafe to make ends meet. I have finally recovered from a catastrophic leg injury and am able to return to my passion…and the pub. 🙂 When I get caught up on the bills I’ve amassed after so many months of not working I am going to buy your novels! People following their passions deserve support and encouragement. I am very happy for you, and proud to be your friend!


    • Jinxie_G says:

      Beth, my hat off to you for all that you do! Seriously. I’m so very sorry for your loss and I am the type of friend who would have been at your side during such a difficult time. *hugs*


  5. hartsoffice says:

    I really don’t know what to leave as a comment, but you said comment whore, so I feel at ease, I am a tired apathetic 27 year old that got really excited about two or three books that I am writing, then I lost all drive, I feel like a zombie sometimes…I am keeping at it though and want to publish on KDP, for a would be author that wants a few quick wins to pep and prep him up for more writing, do you recommend using KDP?…..I assume you know all about what KDP is….sorry I skim read when I blog lurk before I go to bed.


    • Jinxie_G says:

      I do know what KDP is. Are you not interested in trying to obtain a literary agent and go for traditional publishing? I’m still searching for that holy grail myself, but will still indie publish books too. You have to figure out what’s right for you. I could tell you that KDP is the best thing since sliced bread, but then it may not work out for you. I wish you all the luck with your writing and thanks for commenting! =)


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