My Life in Hell: Ah Hell…

It’s Monday, isn’t it? Damn, time flies on by. Well, technically it’s Tuesday now, but whatever. You all should know my schedule by now.

And Twitter is having issues. It’s pissing me off. I was locked out twice today for tweeting too much. Yep, thrown in twitterjail for an hour at a time. Ridiculous and annoying, so I have created a second ID for myself – @Jinxie_G2, just in case. Make sure you’re following it. =) I have a feeling this will happen often.

All of my articles have been approved at this time and now I await more. I’m hoping they give me a lot more just for the mere fact that it means more money, which I could use right now. In the meantime, I’m working on an edit for someone, so I’m going to go do that before I become overwhelmed with articles to write.

Yeah, this is a short one. Basically, I got nothing. LOL