Birthday Blogging & Boobs

Wow, has it really been a year? I remember this day last year quite well. I was stuck at home while the fiance (now ex) had to work the entire weekend. It was my Friday the 13th birthday, the actual day I was born on 39 years prior. Those don’t come around too often, ya know. Needless to say, I was sadly disappointed with the outcome of my birthday weekend last year because I sat here on the laptop, which is something I do nearly every freakin’ night. I didn’t want to do that on my birthday, too!

My 40th birthday has so far made up for last year entirely… and it’s not over yet.

Friday evening (technically not my birthday yet) began around 10pm with the Wookies’ and Flygirlie picking me up (yes, we try not to use real names around here), and then we headed up to Scottsdale where Skin Cabaret is located, and where we sat next to the stage. This is also where I had my face pushed between several pairs of breasts. Not saying I didn’t like that, but yeah, all because the Wookies know one of the girls, I received quite a bit of attention. *giggles* Wookie-man has coined a new hashtag on Twitter – #boobfunk. The girls really liked his bald head.

For those who follow the Wookies and me on Twitter, you may have noticed a discussion about one of the girls who goes by the name Judy Booty. Well yes, Judy Booty was there and yes, she can do exactly what Wookiesgirl said she could, which is move each of her butt cheeks independently to the beat of the music. Wow! Abso-fucking-lutely amazing! Here’s a song I tweeted earlier today just for her.

By the way, this is probably the first time ever I have been SOOOOO grateful I did not hear Closer by Nine Inch Nails. And again, the song is NOT called I want to fuck you like an animal.

Warning, I’m about to go ADD on you

The awesome part of the evening (well, there were several, actually) was that my friend the Schoolteacher and her man showed up to celebrate with me. Another awesome part of the evening was that during one of the dances, all patrons had to stand up, let the girls sit down, and said patrons had to dance for the girls. That was great! Yes, I danced. Now, aside from having umpteen pairs of boobs in my face, countless lap dances (thank you, Wookies!), and several watered down drinks (I’m gonna strangle that short-pouring bartender), I had a really great time with great friends…

But we’re not done yet. Oh no, we are not.

I give you…

The Bollox at Club Red at 1AM immediately following strip central, and we arrived just in time to see their entire set. Awesome! I have not been quiet about how much I love this band. They are wonderful. And more friends appeared at this concert! Jinxie was very happy!

Until the stage-dive at the end of the last song.

Once again, I had to play bouncer/security/whatever to stop someone who was with us from fighting. I headlocked her and walked her across the dance floor. What happened? Guy did a stage dive. Landed on a girl. Yes, it’s not cool. BUT… Little clue here for those not in the know when it comes to concerts – when someone is standing on stage and they point at the crowd (not at you, per se, like this person thought), it means a STAGE DIVE is inevitable! And if you saw the guy point at you, when he started to run forward, why the fuck didn’t you move out of the damn way??? That’s what I would have done, and yes, there would have been enough time.

Ok, maybe I’m just a mean bitch, but when have you guys ever known me to be otherwise?

I could not calm her down. Finally, I was told to let her deal with her own consequences. Whatever. Time for a smoke. The adrenaline killed my buzz at that point and I’m pretty sure it’s the reason I only slept for a couple of hours. I wasn’t put into a bad mood by this, so don’t misread that, but there is a reason I hate people and alcohol-related bullshit is a very big one.

Now we have moved on into my actual birthday, and as mentioned above, I only slept a couple of hours… maybe. I went to bed when I got home, read for a bit, and tossed and turned and kind of slept. I remember dreaming – think it had something to do with zombies or maybe vampires, not sure – and after an hour of not getting back to sleep, I climbed out of bed, cooked myself some breakfast – bacon, eggs, tea – and surfed the interwebz, of course. Don’t shake your head at me. I know I’m addicted. Shut it.

I did some laundry and took a nap (I know, my life is just so glam). Umi woke me up to inform me that the ex was here… do I really want to get out of bed yet? *looks at clock* Holy crap, yes, I should do that! Sat and chatted with him for a bit, watched some TV, made the bed after flipping the mattress (that was a bitch and a half), and found myself once again online. *sigh* I seem to have no life, but really, I promise that I do have something that resembles one.

So, as it stands right now, I’m waiting for the Wookies to get home from the lake and let me know if they’re too tired for me to come over and hang out because I really don’t feel like doing too much else. Sunday is the big birthday BBQ, celebrating several birthdays at once… and I’ve just been told they may not be home until midnight.

I’m gonna go park my ass on the futon outside now. I’ll add to this tomorrow when I get home.

On a quick side note: I joined Twitter last year on my birthday. LOL

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  1. BIG SLOPPY MESSY WET KISSES FOR YOU!!! Sorry we didnt get home until late.. It was a sort of messy evening.. What with me forgetting Wookies shorts on the boat.. which had ya know.. The car keys in them!!!! Whooops! Love you Mama!


  2. Wow! It certainly sounds like you're making up for sitting at home on your birthday last year! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! (Well, you get it.) LOL!


  3. I couldn't be happier. It's those milestone birthdays that kinda really moreso count, eh? I hope to be able to hang out with you someday and talk about hot bar managers, a bassists, and Romans, and priest's sons. Haha. Happy Birthday. GREAT blog post. =D


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