My Life in Hell: Synopses

Apparently, I can’t seem to remember to do this on Mondays, either, so I suppose they’ll just be done at random… or when I remember to do them. LOL I never was good at the whole journaling thing. I’d rather write stories.

Have I already done a post with this title? I don’t remember. *shrugs* Oh well. Anyway, I’ve been working on my synopsis for the past two nights, among the other things I’ve been working on in order to get some cash in my pocket, and I have to say that my synopsis for Nemesis is coming along nicely. Right now, I am about 2600 words into it. That’s about 3 1/2 pages so far, and I’m about to start chapter 13. This would be roughly the halfway mark for the book, which has me elated. It’s looking like a 7-page synopsis, after which I will have Heather edit in hopes to bring that page number down a bit. I’m also doing a small edit while going through this, so it should be primed by the time I’m done. Sweet! I did send a query for this book last night to KT Literary because they don’t ask for the synopsis up front. Here’s hoping they like what they see, but I know better than to get my hopes up. I’m also waiting to see if the Query Shark will post and critique my query letter for Nemesis. It would be nice to have a professional opinion, since I went outside the norm for this one. You can see the query letter here.

And my computer is seriously pissing me off tonight, as well as Firefox (don’t make me switch to IE. I hate IE, but I WILL switch, damn you!). So, Ahmed…

So, with that, I’m going back to work on my synopsis and the many other things I need to get done this evening.

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  1. Try Google Chrome browser. I find it different when it comes to downloads, but holy hell, it loads faster and even imports your bookmarks. If you switch to IE, you'll be susceptible to a hella lot of baddies out there. =)I'm glad you're getting a second opinion on it. I like the whole concept, just wary of the 'being different' thing. Agents seem picky. Let us know how that goes!


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