Today’s Panda Express fortune cookie: Plan to have some fun.

What, writing isn’t fun? Damn, and here I am on a Friday night sitting at my laptop while my husband is bowling (not my idea of fun, as it will throw my back out). I don’t know, I rather think that reading agent blogs is fun/entertaining. Especially Nathan Bransford’s blog. That guy is damn funny!

I have my fun every now and then. My cousin was in town last weekend and I enjoyed a couple of Guinness at the new Irish pub down the street. D’Arcy McGees… I’m diggin’ it.

My job is also fun. How many people can say that? I get paid to have fun with teens: going to the movies, taking trips to the ruins around my state (Montezuma Well and Tuzigoot are awesome! And Tuzigoot is just plain fun to say), playing video games, painting ceramics. It’s not all fun and games, as we teach them life skills as well, but even that can be fun. It has to be to keep their attention. I really enjoy my job and the wonderful connections I’ve made with some of the kids. They are great kids!

Ok, back to my fun of writing. I really need to finish up Wolf’s Bane: Moon Cycles so I can query the damn thing. Here’s hoping it’s what someone is looking for. The synopsis is on my website under “Projects” if you feel like taking a peek. =)

Of course, you’re supposed to throw “in bed” on the end of the fortune. LMAO! Hmm… I wonder what time my husband will be home? =p

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