Wolf’s Bane: Moon Cycles Synopsis

Photo © 2006 Jinxie G

A petroglyph found.

Nadira, once an archaeologist, is a lost soul, still grieving for her fiancé, a victim of murder. She stumbles upon a werewolf clan, and discovers she is destined to become Al-Fadi, the slayer who has kept the packs low in number throughout the centuries. Nadira quickly realizes that life is not what it seems, and that the disease traveling through her blood may link her to the clans, something Caleb the werewolf would not mind at all.

A battle has ended.

Raised by a foster family, never knowing her true heritage, Nadira enters the world of a prominent werewolf clan, and begins a journey of self-discovery. She learns who really killed her fiancé, and why these beings—neither fully man nor fully wolf—are able to track her no matter where she goes. Faced with choices, each with the possibility of condemning her to death, Nadira finds her destiny with the Lycian pack in Phoenix, Arizona. The Alpha male wants to see her dead—and his brother Caleb just wants her, period.

A standoff remains.

Armed with an ancient sword, a load of heartache, and the determination not to be bullied by the lethal, irrational Alpha leader, Nadira is on a mission, and the gods help whomever gets in her way.


One thought on “Wolf’s Bane: Moon Cycles Synopsis

  1. Danielle Mari says:

    Hi Jinxie… I “met” you on CJ’s blog and, on the advice of my friend Pete, decided to come pay a visit in your neck of the e-woods. Glad I did! Sounds like a fantastic tale. That really stands out. Best of luck, and please let us know when some smarty picks it up to publish!


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