Fortunes, Part 2 (because I can’t remember how to spell 2 in French)

I forgot to bring home the fortune today. Damn, it was a good one, too.

Today–one teenage boy and two teenage girls.

Ok, so today’s life skill (hehe) was teaching the kids how to journal, why it is important, how do they feel after journaling, etc. We also went and watched Kung Fu Panda, which is hilarious! No, that wasn’t a life skill, but the respite part of my job. I can’t overload them with life skills all day. They’d kill me! Besides, my partner and I discuss all sorts of things with them that involve life skills anyway, so they got a pretty good dose today.

The boy wanted to spend the rest of his birthday money buying another video game, and of course, I bought another video game. I told him he was a bad influence on me. He just laughed at me. I see at least four hours of gaming in my near future. It might take a few days, but I’ll get there. Just like I did last Saturday. =)

I also did a test strip of purple dye on my hair tonight. My hair is too dark. Damn it. My foster daughter also did hers, but she failed to show me the result before she hibernated for the night in her bedroom. Guess I’ll see it tomorrow. Her hair is lighter than mine.

Tomorrow–five teenage girls. Oh man.

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  1. And yeah, as you may have seen that single post was from March, lol, I never got around to spicing up the blog or writing on it. Work got in the way along side school, but now as school is out I’ve got the time to do this stuff now. Oh! It’s so cool, because I finally purchased a domain name for my real website. It makes me feel good inside. lol. It’s http://www.mviands.comIt‘s pretty much a vanity site for now, just until I have stuff worth posting. =]


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