Birthdays and Blogging

All right, I thought I’d be OK with the whole not going out to dinner for my birthday thing, or even not going out period, but it has apparently affected me on some level because I became crabby about two hours ago and now I have another headache (I’ve been getting headaches every day for over a week now). Maybe I need to eat. No, wait, I just ate a piece of the cake my mom baked for me. Red Velvet–my fav right now. =) It’s probably just allergies, but my friend Siobhan put up a blog about migraines that has me thinking… hmm. I should go see my doctor… Which brings us to another problem–no insurance. The company I work for has yet to establish a health insurance package, and the company I previously worked for is under the assumption that they get to decide who gets COBRA and who doesn’t. Morons. The problem there is that once I get the COBRA established, I’ll have to pay all the back months, which equals 3, plus the current month, at $190.80 each. That’s ridiculous! And just to give you an example of how distracted I am right now, I just lit another cigarette while one sits in my ashtray… lit and smoking. Ah! I’m losing my mind. And I know, I shouldn’t smoke. I have a blog up somewhere, everywhere about it. Back to insurance… I need to have insurance of some kind. I have Lupus, and I have about a month’s supply of medication left with no way to get more without paying a nice chunk of change to my doctor AND the pharmacist.

So, maybe it is allergies because the headache is leaving now after I took some more allergy meds. *sigh*

Sorry, I’m bored and apparently feel like ranting, although this isn’t a true rant for me. Writer’s Cafe and Myspace friends can attest to that. =)

Back to my WIP for a while…