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Loss – Lisa Sabine

I was going to vlog this because I thought perhaps filming it would be easier than writing about it, but I suck at video editing and there isn’t enough light around this place to get it right, so . . .

I logged out of my Jinxie Facebook today and into my “other” account to see what was going on over there. I have different people friended over there and it’s become a more professional account for me for the writing/editing. Upon logging in, I got a slap in the face when I saw I’d been tagged in a note. Regardless of the wonderful weekend I spent in Albuquerque at the Comicon and meeting the Boondock Saints, I discovered today that one of my best friends in high school passed away on October 10, 2010 due to cancer. She was my age. That’s too soon in my book.

Lisa Sabine – I’d met her in eighth grade at McKemy Junior High when she moved to Arizona from England. I’d then met her again at McClintock High School a couple of years later, and she, Rhonda and I quickly became the Durannie trio. We loved Duran Duran. We’d talk about them, dream about them, fantasize about them (c’mon, I was a teenager). I have many pictures of our nights out before/during/after dances, parties, graveyard scenes (don’t judge), but my scanner isn’t working right now so I can’t show them to you. Lisa was a vivacious and wonderful person whom I regret losing track of over the years. But then, I don’t really talk to anyone from that era anymore. At least, not until the existence of Facebook. She’d moved back to England many years ago and that is where she passed away.

Rhonda asked that we raise a glass and listen to one Duran Duran song in remembrance of our friend. So, here’s to you, Lisa . . .

You have been missed, you will be missed, and may you rest in peace.

I picked a special B-side song just for you. It’s Fame: tinysong.com/vSAB

Love you, girl. Always.

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  1. I was thinkin Late Bar…
    There’s an all night party in room 7609…..

    Love you Lisa!

    Thank you Jinxie!


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