My Life in Hell: Stupid %^$%(*+ Laptop

I swear I’m going to frisbee-toss this thing!

First, the DVD drive is out. Went out a while back and of course, the extended warranty is expired. No new drive for me for some time. Second, now I think the USB ports are going bad. It recognizes my new Blackberry, and then it doesn’t, and then it does again for about oh… two seconds. It takes forever to recognize my iPod. Fucking annoying. And let’s not forget how sloooooooooow the thing is acting.

Ok, time to do a backup and clean some shit up, otherwise I’ll go insane… oh wait, we’re almost there already.

I need a new laptop. This one is what… 4 years old now? I think. Hell, I can’t remember anymore. I got it the spring after I joined WritersCafe.org. So, whenever that was, that’s how old it is. It might only be 3 years old. Shit if I know.

Oh hey, I got a new phone. =) It’s pink. I know, kind of scary, isn’t it? Anyway, it’s a Blackberry Pearl. Why did I get a phone without the touch screen? Because right now I can’t afford the phone WITH the touch screen and the Pearl was only 99 cents at Alltel. Cheap. Works for me.

Must now go find food since I have spent the last few hours playing with this damn phone and tweeting and trying to figure out how to move my ringtones from one phone to the other. Yep, the reason I know my stupid laptop won’t recognize the BB. Had both phones hooked up to it.

On a side note: I woke up in a great mood today and even made myself some French toast and bacon and tea. Nine hours later, I’m irritable. Go figure. Headache city. God, have I reached that point in life where I need to take naps again?

(wow, that was a bunch of babbling)

3 thoughts on “My Life in Hell: Stupid %^$%(*+ Laptop”

  1. 99 cents? I like the pink Blackberry Pearl! Is that because you have a contract with them? Glad you got a new phone.Sorry about the laptop. I know that sucks, my desktop is being about the same.


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