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Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

…or as it’s commonly called, the Game of Thrones episode that has everyone freaking the fuck out over nothing. Really, it’s fucking nothing.

Most people are good about not throwing spoilers into the cyber winds, and then you have those few idiots who can’t keep their goddamn mouths shut for more than a few minutes after the episode ends. Hell, some even spout out the shit during the episode. I throw reactions into the wind, but that is all. I give no indication of what is happening to whom or the like. Personally, I hate spoilers and usually try to stay away from the interwebz after certain shows air until I have a chance to watch the current episode. The Walking Dead is one of those shows. Games of Thrones is sort of one of those shows because I apparently can’t trust y’all’s fucking opinions on this show anymore.Spoilers

All I’ve seen for the past few days is people going off about the latest episode of a TV show about kings and queens and war and white walkers and incest and arranged marriages and rape and assassins and dragons….you know, the normal things that make up a harsh realistic world like the one George R.R. Martin has created that isn’t so unlike our own past history.

My reaction at the closing of “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” AKA S506?

337451-thumbnailOkay, seriously, what the fuck are people freaking out over in this last Game of Thrones​? That scene was mild compared to other similar scenes. M-I-L-D. They didn’t show anything. Not a damn thing. Jesus Christ, you should be more upset over the Jaime/Cersei scene because *that* one was wrong on so many levels and really, its own shock-filled conversation. But I still watched it, and it didn’t upset me. Because it’s fiction. Fiction that portrays a reality that yes, existed (and still does in some regions) in our really real world once upon a time. You can’t exactly ignore aspects of life that upset you and that you don’t agree with. It doesn’t make them not exist. Besides, how the fuck do you expect to change anything horrific in the world we live in if you live in that little glass bell and shield yourself from the horrific? Guess what, Tinkerbell? You can’t. Because you don’t understand it.

And you have to understand it, or at least be aware of its existence, in order to change it. To make it stop. And that is extremely important. Because. It. Must. Stop.

This ain’t Cinderella riding off with her prince, bitches. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong. I’m saying it’s a show based off a book written by an amazingly talented author who understands exactly how a world like that works. You want Cinderella? Go watch Disney. But it’s season 5 now. If you haven’t figured out by now there are no happy endings in GRRM’s world, then you are in for a world of hurt and heartache, my friend.

But I hope you keep watching it, and I hope the shock-value teaches you something because it’s good that it shocked you. It truly is. It means there’s some sort of moral code written in your DNA, or really, you fucking learned something in life and that would be the difference between right and wrong. Good on ya!

Yes, it sucks that rape exists in the show. And yes, it sucks that rape exists in our reality. But let me tell you two things about this: 1) you can’t ignore it. It doesn’t just vanish when you turn your back to it, kind of like abuse. When you sweep it under the rug, it doesn’t go away. It festers like a disease. And 2) if we can’t learn from our history, then all hope is lost and we are doomed to continually repeat ourselves and our past mistakes. I mean, fuck, take a look around. What do you see?

I won’t even begin to tell you what I see because we all know how I feel about humanity. But let’s discuss the writing….

I love horror movies and stories, but I can’t write them to save my life because even though I can see and feel and delve into the madness of that mind of a killer or what have you, I cannot put it to paper. Maybe in my mind, it makes it real if I write it down. I want to change it, make it better, lighter, not so full of ugliness and hatred because my brain screams “THERE’S ENOUGH OF THAT IN THE REALLY REAL WORLD!” Rape/molestation scenes are difficult to write as well because those touch a nerve that never should have been aggravated. We all have different experiences with these things, and different emotions and reactions to them. The end of S506 was a mere few minutes of conjecture and leaving everything to your imagination combined with what we already know of Ramsey, including what he did to Theon. That is all. Your shock stems from a history of knowledge and experience…of what you know of Ramsey, of humanity’s past, of what your mind visualizes, and maybe even personal experience on some level. And I hate to tell you this, but that’s some damn fine writing and directing if you’re that shocked over a scene you never really watched.

On a side note, I hope someone butterflies that little motherfucker wide open.

Also? Fuck weddings in Winterfell. They’re dark and dreary and morbid…. Come to think of it, it reminds me of the Addams Family. Never mind. But honestly, if anything, that wedding scene should have told you what was coming. That was a death. Brilliant, that.

UPDATE: I’m adding this link on the History of Rape. Yes, it’s a Wiki page, but it’s referenced to hell and back. Really, I could add SO MUCH MORE in the links arena, but let’s face it, you likely won’t click on them. Fucking Google shit.

As someone who enjoys studying Anthropology as a hobby, and well, being an Observer by nature and design, I think it’s extremely important to understand our history and know that while writers do elaborate on truth or fact in their fiction, or make things up entirely (*gasp*), sometimes fact is fact, and you just can’t argue with it. I’d also like to point out that while rape has been illegal (for the most part but with varying degrees) throughout history (YAY humanity), and emperors and kings despised it, it doesn’t mean it didn’t fucking happen. For all we know, rape is illegal in Westeros, but hey, it’s fucking happening.

There is a rape scene in one of my books that I’ve planned on removing for some time now because it’s always made me uncomfortable. In another book of mine, such a scene was cut before the second publication. Why? Because I don’t ever want someone to think this action is okay. Bride abductions, which is a very common theme in some romance novels, are wrong. I’ve complained about it online. My first thought is a movie I first saw as a kid titled Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. That movie is the epitome of bride abduction, which is defined in that link.

At any rate, I’ve been ranting about this all day, so I’m going to stop before my mouth gets me in trouble. Conversation today was basically….

ME: Rant rant rant rape rant rant…*phone rings*…rant rant rape. Motherfuckers. *answers phone* Help desk, this is “Jinxie.” How may I help you?
GUY3: *laughs*
GUY2: Oh my God, “Jinxie.”
OTHERGAL: *cackles*

PS: Please understand that in my statement of dropping the MF-bomb, no one in the call center was on the phone….thank the fucking gods.