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Why Kick-Ass Heroines Need to Exist

Are you waiting for Prince Charming to come rescue you from your common life? Why? Do you need to be rescued? We have raised generations of girls who think this way, and I'll admit that after being raised on Disney stories about princesses being rescued from whatever fate held them back, I was one of… Continue reading Why Kick-Ass Heroines Need to Exist

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Prince…Charming? – Online Dating – Week 5

Today, we're veering off track a little so I can make a complete dork of myself in the following video. It's about 8.5 minutes long, but hey, I'm conducting an experiment here, people! Besides, you get to laugh at me . . . a lot. That should help, right? Okay, maybe not. Watch it anyway.… Continue reading Prince…Charming? – Online Dating – Week 5