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Dating Tip #5

Today’s tip, I got from Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger, which is a hilariously awesome show and entertains me on many levels.

Don’t give too much information (TMI) on the first date, phone call, etc. because you have to leave some mystery, people. Besides, all those skeletons in your closet will come out down the road eventually. For now, keep that door locked tight, bolted, and put a dresser in front of it.

I don’t really need to worry. All of mine are pretty much online. *snorts*


Note: this was MY twist on something Patti said on the show because these posts are meant to be humorous at times.  Don’t read into it. Take it for what it is, folks.

Move On, Move Forward

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately, good and bad things, stupid things, things that annoy me, and I’ve had several posts running through my mind about each of those things. Then, the other day, I pretty much realized something that negates it all. I’d like to share that with you today, and then we’ll be moving on and moving forward.


I was going to write up a post about my ex-fiancé “unfriending” me on Facebook (from both of my accounts, which makes it not a coincidence), using the ‘calling him out on his shit’ method I’m not too bad at doing. Ask my disowned/disinherited family. They know quite well how good I am at that shit. In fact, I did write up the post about two weeks ago. It’s still in draft status, and it’s going to stay in draft status…

However, I’d like to dedicate this song to him… Another Hole in the Head

And we all know how I relate to music. So does he.

I wrote the post partly so I could use this in all it’s awesomeness…

And by all means, listen to me when I say….

Ever write a post based around a picture? Yeah, I know, right? BUT, I realized the other day that after all I’ve been through with him these last few years, with him walking away when life took a header into the toilet … I just don’t give a shit anymore.

Moving on. Moving forward.


I could write about the gossip that has me rolling on the floor laughing my ass off and giving Karma a serious high-five. No, really. We often don’t get to witness Karma in action. I often say that Karma is a bigger bitch than I choose to be. But as my uncle says, Karma may be a bitch, but she’s my bitch. Yeah, I think we’ll go with that one for this and listen to Remedy by Seether because those lyrics ROCK. But I’m not going to write anything else about this regardless of how amused I am, frankly, because I really just don’t give a shit anymore.

Moving on. Moving forward.


I could also write about so-called book reviewers who anonymously give low ratings to books they have or haven’t read just because they got into an argument with the author about another author’s book. I’m really hoping that’s not that case here because I think that’s pretty much the most chicken-shit and juvenile thing a person can do, along with claiming they were bullied by me when they weren’t. I’m not a bully. I’ve known several, however, and disowned or un-friended them. I don’t care for confrontation unless you force me into it. Plain and simple.

I don’t care if people don’t like my book(s), or even if they don’t give it any rating at all. Their opinion, much like the rest of the entire publishing industry, is merely subjective and I’ve had people much higher in publishing shred me and I took that with a grain of salt. But to attack another author over the argument that ensued on my book is just infantile and shows their age, much like the review did. So yeah, I actually do give a shit about this one, but after this point, I’m not going to give a shit anymore and let idiots like that bury themselves.

Moving on. Moving forward.


I would write about a great number of things, from jealousy to infidelity to betrayal to lying to manipulation to honesty to narcissism to burning at the stake to sacrificing a friendship to truth to whatever the fuck topic you can think of, but I believe there is truth in (mostly) silence (as my cousin has just discovered), that answering the moronic masses only creates more drama than I plan on dealing with, and…well, honestly, because I frankly just don’t give a shit anymore.

Moving on. Moving forward.


What I will write about is how empowered I feel lately, even through the extreme fatigue. How thinking about certain people doesn’t bring me pain anymore, and the only pain I have left to fight is the pinched nerve, but I can find the strength to get past that kind of pain. I’ve lived through much worse. How, regardless of my misanthropy, I still have hope for at least some of humanity because y’all surprise me every damn day. How I’ve inherited my mother’s sense of humor, but don’t ask me how, being the pessimist I am. How I’m no longer Walking Wounded and can smile with my head held high. And how I’ve chosen to live the next 37 years of my life (yes, I know how long I have left) on this earth just not giving a shit about what any of you decide to do to me, say to me or about me, or how you’re going to try to make me look to the rest of the world. Go ahead, cry wolf!

I’ll leave you with The Cave, a very empowering song. Go on, give it a listen.

Moving on. Moving forward.

But watch out for the kids wearing the Pumped Up Kicks.

Angel’s Wings gonna carry me away.

Now, go do something good and Fight Like A Girl!

Online Dating – Week 4

Today, we’re going to take a look at my “About Me” section on the dating site, and you guys get to critique it! That’s right, since most of you are writers, I’m recruiting you to tell me what in the hell is wrong with my “bio” … or not.

About Me:

I’m getting the feeling that the zombie stuff may be scaring some of you. LOL Guys, it’s all in fun and it’s business for me. I’m a vendor, selling gear that I design. I can’t say any more than that or they won’t approve this profile. =)

I am a shy gal, until I get to know someone, so for me to 1) even join this site, and 2) contact any of you first, is a huge step. Making the first move is not something I’m used to or comfortable with. So, let me tell you about myself…

I am a nocturnal geek. When you’re named after an original Star Trek cast member, you’re kind of stuck with the geek aspect, and yes, I love sci-fi. I really enjoy all kinds of movies with psychological thrillers being my favorite, and I do play video games along the lines of Tomb Raider and Dragon Age. I’m kind of tech savvy, but also love muscle cars, motorcycles, and tattoos (I have seven…tattoos). I’m working on finishing my B.A. in English with only a few classes left. I’ve decided to not allow Life to interrupt that goal anymore.

I like to laugh every day and love those who make me laugh. I’m quite grateful for and am very loyal to my friends, whom I’ve known for 20 or more years, and whose idea of fun is to debate scientific topics, politics, and religion, or whatever subject comes to mind, as well as play video games and attend events like Comic Cons (no, I don’t dress in costume), vampire balls, and zombie proms. If you think you can hang with that, drop me an email. =)

I like helping people when I can and always encourage others to follow their dreams. I used to work with special needs kids and at-risk teens, and I fostered a teen girl for two years, though I have no children of my own, unless you count my dog. =) I try to surround myself with positive people and will absolutely walk away from drama and manipulation.

I once drove to the Grand Canyon just because I’d never been there, spent 30 minutes taking pictures, and drove back home. Sometimes the drive itself is the best part. I also drove to Albuquerque just for a NIN concert once and got home by sunrise, and five weeks later drove to Irvine, CA to see another.

I’m most passionate about my writing, as I cannot seem to breathe without performing the act. My dreams and aspirations are very important to me, and I would appreciate a man who’s supportive of those, as I would be supportive of his dreams and aspirations, whatever they may be. I firmly believe that you should be happy in the work you do, and if you’re not happy, you should find something else to do. I’m an avid reader and like different types of books, from paranormal romance to anthropology textbooks and Shakespeare. If you’re a reader, that’s a plus.

The simplest thing can bring a smile to my face, whether it be an act of kindness, the smile on a child’s face, or an unforgettable view. I appreciate a beautiful Arizona sunset because of the artist in me. Family is very important to me and I care for my mother and check in on my aunt regularly.

Life is short. I just take it one day at a time. There’s not really an outline to live life by. I’m an honest person looking for the same. I’m not looking for Prince Charming, or for you to “complete” me. I write fictional romance and know those two things don’t have a place in reality. What I am looking for is someone who’s tall (since I’m an Amazon), real, and down to earth. If you treat me like a queen, I’ll treat you like a king. It’s as simple as that – mutual respect. I’m looking for someone who shares the same interests (education, music, lifestyle, etc.) and enjoys the hell out of life, and someone who loves to laugh and can laugh at themselves, because really, sometimes when things go wrong, all you can do is laugh. =D

First, I’d like to state that I really REALLY loathe writing shit like this up about myself. Second, HELP! Third, I have a feeling is going to owe me money…or another 6 months for free. LOL

So….too wordy? Sounds arrogant (which I am so not)? Too picky? What? What the fuck is it? At least I’m not talking about my ex like half the people on this goddamn site!

Easy Chicken Parmesan

I haven’t had a chance to post this super easy recipe until now. It comes to me by way of my sister-friend Deni, who is most awesome and also gave me the recipe for the Red Velvet Cupcakes! Deni made this for me one night about 10 years or so ago, before she really learned how to cook. =) This is basically one of those 30-minute meals. Perfect for today’s busy chef-on-the-go.

Easy Chicken Parmesan


4 to 5 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (or about a dozen or so boneless, skinless chicken tenders)

1/2 stick of butter (or 3 tablespoons of margarine)

Grated Parmesan cheese (Kraft or store brand will suffice)

1 lb. pasta (angel hair or fettuccine)

1 jar of Classico Florentine Spinach & Cheese sauce

Let’s bake! 

Line a 13×9 pan or glass baking dish with foil (for easy clean up) and preheat oven to 375˚. Melt butter in a bowl in the microwave (time varies, depending on your microwave) until thoroughly melted. Rinse chicken and coat both sides with butter, and then place in pan, bottom side up. Once all chicken is in the pan, layer with grated Parmesan cheese until mostly covered. Flip each piece over and repeat layer of grated Parmesan cheese.

Optional: You can add Italian spices, garlic or onion powder to this if you’d like. Just sprinkle over the top of the chicken.

Place chicken in oven. Times will vary, depending on how much and what type of chicken you’re baking. For 4 to 5 chicken breasts, bake for at least 30 minutes or until the top turns a golden brown. For chicken tenders, bake for at least 20 minutes or until the top turns a golden brown. If you choose to bake larger portions of chicken, you will have to adjust your baking times.

About halfway through chicken baking time, start your water for the pasta (don’t forget to add a few dashes of salt). Bring water to a boil and add pasta. Cook pasta according to package directions—approximately 10 minutes—and strain. You will need to rinse the pasta for this recipe. It’s the only time I’ll have you do so.

Once chicken and pasta are both ready, it’s time to dish out this entrée buffet-style.

Pile pasta on your plate and place chicken on top. Open the jar of sauce and pour it over the top of both. I don’t heat this sauce because you don’t have to—it’s already cooked. If you want, you can use your own sauce, or try my Marinara sauce (heated) with it.

Top with Parmesan cheese (or not) and serve. A salad and rolls or a baguette would go well with this.

That’s it!


Vive bene, spesso l’amore, di risata molto!

(live well, love much, and laugh often)

Dating Site Tip #4

Guys, please, for the love of God, don’t come off as totally jaded in your profile. What I mean is, don’t write things like, “if you’re here to play games, just keep looking because I’m not the guy for you,” and shit like that. It’s really off-putting, and makes me skip your profile simply because it tells me you aren’t over the last one.


My “Fight Like a Girl!” Campaign

That’s right, it’s October, and not only is October my favorite month of the year because I LOVE Hallowe’en, but it’s also breast cancer awareness month.

The fight against breast cancer has very personal meaning for me because several women in my family have had it. Both of my great-grandmothers on my mother’s side died from breast cancer many, many years ago. My grandmother was nine-years-old when she lost her mother to it, and my grandfather’s mother was 40 when she succumbed to it, as was one of his three sisters. Umi’s older sister had a double mastectomy more than 25 years ago, and her younger sister passed away in 2009 due to a different type of cancer.

If you’ve followed my Twitter account or my blog over the last three years, you’ve seen me talk about cancer a few times. You’ve seen me curse at it a few times too. That’s not ever been limited to breast cancer, either, as I mentioned my aunt above. Cancer loves my family and attacks at random and with a vengeance. That’s also not limited to my mother’s side of the family. My father passed away last year, the day after Thanksgiving, when his cancer aggressively returned after an 8-year remission. His cancer attacked the brain, and it was a rare form of the disease.

I’ll be honest when I say that even as I type this post, I’m tearing up because the subject is just that close to me. I even had my own scare earlier this year. Lucky for me, mine only turned out to be a painful lump. Others aren’t quite as lucky.

So, why am I talking to you about all of this? I mean, aside from the fact that October is breast cancer awareness month?

Last week, as I made the survival bracelets for Zombie Survival Crew, it dawned on me that cancer survivors and loved ones of those who have survived and those who have been lost to cancer might want a bracelet too. But I didn’t have any pink paracord, or white. So I hopped online Wednesday and ordered some just for this special project.

What I’ve decided to do with this idea, since I can’t do the walk (for other health reasons), is raise money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure® by selling these survival bracelets you see below.

All proceeds from the bracelets will be donated to

Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.

If you would like to order one of these special survival bracelets, please select the picture of the one you desire below. We have pink & black, as well as pink & white bracelets.


When you order, please indicate the size of your wrist in inches (e.g. mine is 7 1/2″) and I will make it a custom fit for you. Shipping is $5.00 in addition to the $15.00 price, but please, for international shipping, contact me at jinxieg13 (at) gmail (dot) com before ordering so I can figure out the correct shipping cost for you.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. I ship USPS Priority mail. If you are in AZ, I have to charge you tax.

In addition to making these survival bracelets, I’m offering my ebook Nemesis for $1.99 during the course of this month, and ALL proceeds from my ebook will also go to Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. Part of the reason I’m doing this is because the next book in the Kick-Ass Girls Club series, Assassin, starts out with Nemy’s friend Teagan getting a tattoo–a pink Celtic knot ribbon–in honor of her mother who passed away from breast cancer. You can read a small excerpt of Assassin here.


Prince Charming was a putz.

Prince Charming number two was even worse.

After the last prince ran off without any notice, breaking her heart and their engagement along the way, Nemesis Mussolini swore off men and passed the time kicking ass and slinging drinks, something her mafia father would never approve of. But, when her boss Clancy ups his flirtations, it’s difficult to remember she’s not interested, especially when he gets that delicious evil glint in his eye that has her melting. Just when Nemy starts to think all men might not be bad, she hears whispers about Clancy’s less than legal past, and wants to run like hell from the idea that he could be just like her father.

Great … Prince Charming number three may possibly be on FBI’s Most Wanted.

While Nemy and Clancy tumble down the romance road, hitting potholes every step of the way, Nemy discovers how much of her heart already belongs to Clancy, and how much of a Don’s daughter she really is. But she must learn to trust again. Can Nemy surrender in time to get her happily ever after, or is she hell-bent on letting her past keep her from the one man who could be her true Prince Charming?

As Nemy would say, let’s Save the Boobies (or Tatas)!

If you’d just like to make a donation, either visit the Susan G. Komen for the Cure® website, or you can donate with the button below and I’ll send your donation along with the rest.

If you have a personal story about your fight with breast cancer, or the fight of a loved one that you would like to share, I would love to have you as a guest on my blog this month! Please email me at jinxieg13 (at) gmail (dot) com.

So what are you waiting for? FIGHT LIKE A GIRL!

My sincerest thanks,

Jinxie G

PS: I would greatly appreciate it if you would help me spread the word by reblogging this post, RTing it on Twitter, and sharing it on Facebook. I’m also up for being a guest on YOUR blog. =)

Singled Out – Online Dating – Week 3

Art © 2011 Lori Lasswell

I’m seriously beginning to doubt’s matching capabilities. Just because two people both have dogs doesn’t make them a match. Even better? Just because a guy shares the same birth month with me, it most certainly does not make us a match. Why? Two Gemini together are great as friends, but as lovers? Oh hell no! Not going to happen. And in the minute possibility we’re talking about a Cancer, depending on when in the month he was born, that’s even worse than the Gemini/Gemini match. My friend G is a Cancer and one month younger than me. While I love the man to death and enjoy his wit, I would NEVER date him. My perfect match along the Zodiac lines are Libra or Aquarius, neither of which I have ever dated. Go figure.

I think their whole matching system is computerized, because the one thing that really annoys me is that the site keeps trying to match me with guys who clearly state on their profile that they don’t want someone who smokes. *points to profile* Um, mine says I smoke, WTF?

I have almost 800 views on my profile now. *rolls eyes* I’ve revamped my “About Me” section a few times too. I think the zombie stuff is scaring them. *snorts* One guy who’s favorited me, yet not talked to me (???), says on his profile that scary movies aren’t for him. Um, why in God’s name did you mark me as a favorite after reading my profile where I clearly state that I love horror movies? That just doesn’t make sense to me at all. I want someone who will enjoy the horror with me…and who will laugh with me at it when the clichés come in abundance.

A lot of these guys are so jaded and you can see it in their profiles. For instance, one will say “I’m not here to compete with your ex-boyfriend so just keep on going.” Really? Not an issue. Moving right along here because I don’t want your baggage, sweetheart. One I read when I first joined was in ALL CAPS, hurt my eyes to read, and man, that guy just needs to be alone and chill for at least a year, although I’d like to slap the shit out of the bitch who hurt him so badly. Sometimes, I really hate my own gender.


Let’s try the Reverse Match thingie and see what happens before I come to the realization that this may have been a total waste of my money!


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