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Cooking Tips #6

  Ever have your tomato sauce taste "tinny" or have that metallic taste to it? Yeah, we so understand. This is what happens when you cook tomato-based sauces in aluminum or any reactive metal pan/pot. Sometimes, even copper will have this effect. To fix that taste, however, add a dash or two of Balsamic vinegar. Other than… Continue reading Cooking Tips #6

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Cooking Tips #5

  Frying things – bread *just* before putting it into the oil, otherwise the breading will become gummy instead of crisp.

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Today's guest post is from my darling cousin Lori, who's getting married on Halloween to the Rockstar she affectionately calls Future Husband on her awesome and hysterical blog that is full of hilarity Diary of a Rockstar's Girlfriend! This is the meal she made while she was here to visit our g-ma recently, and Oh.… Continue reading Carbonara!

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Red Clam Sauce

You've likely seen me talk/tweet about this recipe quite often, and the reason being is that it's yummy and quick and easy to make. I suppose if I’m going to share any Italian recipes with you it might help if I give you the base ingredient to most of them–the marinara sauce. Marinara means “no… Continue reading Red Clam Sauce

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I know, it's taken forever for me to get this one up. I've been extremely busy with three different projects and on top of that, I'm about to move again. There will be some big announcements coming up soon, but nothing to do with cooking, so we'll just leave that be for now. =) Today, I… Continue reading Lasagna