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Grandma’s Pot Pie

Today's recipe comes from my late g-ma Ethel. She also called it meat 'n' potato pie. Why? Because that's pretty much what's in it. You can add carrots or whatever, but I like it this way. Pot Pie Crust 4 cups flour 1 cup shortening 2 teaspoons salt Enough water to mix* Combine ingredients in… Continue reading Grandma’s Pot Pie

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Cooking Tips #11

  The first and foremost ingredients in seasoning your food is salt and pepper. Why? Using salt and pepper first brings out the flavor in any dish. If you don't use salt and pepper, give it a try once and taste the difference.

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Sweet and Sour Chicken (Modified)

Today, one of my bestest friends, Deni, has decided to share this recipe she tried out on her man the other night with great success. It was also Deni's birthday yesterday, the 13th, so we're wishing her a very happy birthday! With cake! Now, Deni hates Chinese food, so J never gets Chinese food, but… Continue reading Sweet and Sour Chicken (Modified)

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Easy Chicken Parmesan

I haven't had a chance to post this super easy recipe until now. It comes to me by way of my sister-friend Deni, who is most awesome and also gave me the recipe for the Red Velvet Cupcakes! Deni made this for me one night about 10 years or so ago, before she really learned… Continue reading Easy Chicken Parmesan

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Marbled Double Chocolate Cheesecake Squares

I know it's been a long time since I've posted a recipe and I do apologize for that. It's been crazy in my life these past couple of months, filled with family emergencies, classes and tons of homework, and trips to comic conventions. Now that I'm semi-recuperated, I'm back to reading, editing, and hopefully posting… Continue reading Marbled Double Chocolate Cheesecake Squares

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Cooking Tips #10

  Today's cooking tip comes from Twitter friend Rachel Graves, who has a pretty wicked website here! Defrosting Meats Quickly Meat products will defrost wicked fast if you put them in a Ziploc bag and then in a bowl of warm water—ten minutes from rock solid to ice crystals for chicken breast; twenty minutes to… Continue reading Cooking Tips #10

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Enchiladas Revisited

In honor of Umi's birthday today, I'm re-sharing the recipe for my chicken & cheese enchiladas because it's Umi's favorite dish. Although, rather than making that for her birthday dinner tonight, she's requested the Applebottom Pork Chops. Watch out, my dear enchiladas, you may have been replaced! Furthermore, yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, so this… Continue reading Enchiladas Revisited

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Cooking Tips #2

  Today's cooking tip involves something I mentioned in last Friday's Jinxie's Kitchen post - pasta! Instead of rinsing pasta, coat the noodles with some of the sauce you've prepared. The reason we don't rinse the pasta is because the sauce will stick to it better. Basically, rinsing takes the starch off the pasta, which… Continue reading Cooking Tips #2

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Cooking Tips #1

  I've decided to add "cooking tips" to the blog for you. It dawned on me last night, after Unca T gave me a cooking tip while I made red clam sauce for him and the fam at g-ma's house, that this might be needed too. They will be short posts, just a quick note… Continue reading Cooking Tips #1