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One More Time!

I'm moving again next weekend. Yep, you read that correctly. *sigh* Someone please shoot me already. The cool part? ~ Newly remodeled apartment, no pet deposit, no cleaning deposit, and it's on the ground floor. The bad part? ~ I'm moving again. ~ There's also the fact that it's ALL tile floors. Have I mentioned… Continue reading One More Time!

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Jinxie G passed away last week, February 9th, 2011, from multiple complications, one of which included her 135-lb. malamute Moon and a staircase. It appears that while Jinxie attempted to control the dog’s descent down the stairs, Moon decided it would be a good time to learn how to fly, being that she’s a “special”… Continue reading RIP

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21 Hours of Moving

WARNING: I am going to bitch and complain in this post. If you don't want to read that kind of crap, turn away now. Dare I explain last Saturday to you? I’m not certain you’d want to hear about it because I’m going to bitch and swear like a sailor. Then again, maybe you’ll enjoy… Continue reading 21 Hours of Moving

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A Slight Interruption…

Hello everyone, I just wanted to drop a note in here to say that I'm moving from Tucson back up to Tempe on Saturday, February 5th. What this means is that there may be a bit of a break from posting anything on here because I won't have internet for a few weeks at best.… Continue reading A Slight Interruption…

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Moving . . . AGAIN!

It's that time of year, folks! Time for the thundersnow to hit the entire eastern half of the country for the 2011 snowmageddon. Time for you to start preparing your taxes (okay, maybe not because most of you will wait until the last minute). Time for me to teach my old dog some new tricks.… Continue reading Moving . . . AGAIN!