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My Moonbug

Most of you know that I had to euthanize Moon last Friday, June 29th, only two months before her 12th birthday. Sadly, this is my reality. The other reality is that this post may make you tear up. I'm tearing up just writing it, which is why I likely subconsciously put it off until now. What you… Continue reading My Moonbug

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  Someone did something special for me last Thursday. They took care of my dog when I couldn’t. They are “fostering” her so she could have a vet check-up and can get medication for her hip dysplasia. The shots I’m paying for because I’ll feel bad if I don’t cover something. I’m also not certain… Continue reading Angels

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Moving . . . AGAIN!

It's that time of year, folks! Time for the thundersnow to hit the entire eastern half of the country for the 2011 snowmageddon. Time for you to start preparing your taxes (okay, maybe not because most of you will wait until the last minute). Time for me to teach my old dog some new tricks.… Continue reading Moving . . . AGAIN!


Winter Solstice

For your listening pleasure during this post, an instrumental piece titled Winter Solstice by The Tea Party - http://blip.fm/~zxai9 Staring up into the night sky as clouds drifted over the stars, I could see the moon bright and full through the thin layers, and beneath it sat Orion in all his magnificent glory. I say… Continue reading Winter Solstice