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Beyond Hell

Okay, I was all emotional and shit over the weekend, and stressed the fuck out beyond belief, so I thought this post was going to end up all whiny and everything, but the weekend from Hell ended on a high note (no, stoners, I don't do that), so aside from the migraine attempting to carve its… Continue reading Beyond Hell

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Spam Comment of the Week X

This will be the last post I number because I just don't feel like going any higher in the Roman numerals. Besides, they start getting really long after awhile. Maybe I'll add a date instead. This week's comment amused me, so I thought we'd use it. It's obviously a spammer for Pinterest, as the name… Continue reading Spam Comment of the Week X

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Sorry for the Absence . . .

For the past week, I've been attempting to come up with something to write for today's post, especially since I missed posting last week. I'm still at a loss, so I figured I'd just start writing the fucking thing and see what happens. This is the result. *Note: there will likely be a lot of… Continue reading Sorry for the Absence . . .